Student groups showcase their incredible talents for charity

During Homecoming 2019, student groups and societies battled it out for a second year in a row at the DSU Performance Showcase

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On Saturday 6 April, De Montfort Student’s Union (DSU) hosted a Performance Showcase to celebrate the end of the academic year and the terrific talent we have here at DSU. 

The event - which was held at the Venue@DMU during Homecoming weekend - included a range of societites competing for the title of ‘Most Talented Student Group’ and showcasing their amazing skills. 

The Showcase, which has taken place for two years in a row, aimed to raise money for DSU's RAG Charities while providing an unforgettable evening for current students and DMU Alumni. The current charities that DSU support and raise money for are:

  • Student Mind 
  • Project Ghana
  • Rape Crisis

For a second year running DMU Steppers were successfully crowned the winners by a panel of judges after a close final performance.

Tori-Jada Showers-Bascombe, Social Representative for DMU Steppers said "It feels so amazing to win the 2019 Performance Showcase. We worked so hard and had countless rehearsals and it all paid off!

Considering this was my last performance as a DMU stepper before I graduate, I couldn't have thought of a better way to end my university experience. It was such a great day and I got to step with some amazing people who I will definitely miss."

Jadyn Thompson, Health & Safety Officer for DMU Steppers added "I think it’s great to see what the other societies present at the showcase to gain insight of what they’re all about.

Being a part of a society can sometimes make you forget that there are other amazing ones too! It’s amazing to watch everyone give it their all and have fun whilst performing, it’s what makes being part of a society feel like a family.”

The Performance Showcase gives opportunities for societies to compete and showcase their talent at the end of the year. 

The evening consisted of a range of incredible performances from societies including;

Derrick Mensah, VP of Activities at DSU said, “The performance showcase is put in place to showcase the skill at its best level for performing societies and also to raise money for our RAG charities"

"For me, I love how hard everyone works. They meet every week, rehearsing and learning dance routines and songs etc. I think half the time they don’t get to showcase the best of their ability and talents in the show setting, so I think adding this yearly showcase kind of gives them something to work towards and look forward to every year".

He furthur explained: “Overall it was a great turnout, thank you to our judges and to all those performers who competed - you were amazing and not to mention the amount of talents and atmosphere which filled the room. ”

This year Hip Hop walked away with a close second place after another incredible performance. 

Another society who performed in the Showcase this year was the DMU Bollywood Dance Society who performed for a second year in a row. 

Aashni Sawjani, Outgoing Chair and Alumni Member of Bollywood Dance said, "We saw performances by Hip Hop, Steppers and Dance last year and were absolutely blown away by it and that just pushed us to put our best foot forward this year.

"We love the Showcase as it's such a good opportunity to show to everyone what you've done throughout the year and despite it being a competition it just brings with it this sense of team spirit and support."

"And its just an overall fun,celebratory feeling and what a better way to end the year than that.."

If you missed to DSU Performance Showcase, you can catch the whole show on Demon TV here


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