Course Reps

Course Reps

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What is a Course Rep?

A Course Rep is a student leader who has the power to create change and improve the academic experience of your programme at University! They take action to facilitate your student voice on what may affect your studies on your course to ensure your student journey is an excellent one.

They campaign, they lobby, they enhance they change, they are your student voice!

Speak to them and feedback about your course experience and share how you believe it could be enhanced or express what is working well!

How to become a Course Rep?

You can become a course rep by nominating yourself in the Course Rep Elections and sharing with your cohort on why they should vote for you!

Course Rep elections take place at the start of every Academic Year!

When nominations are open - Log in with your Pnumber, nominate yourself and create a manifesto. (A blurb of why you want to be a course rep and why students should vote for you!)

When voting opens – campaign and share with your cohort why they should vote for you to represent them and their student voice!

If you have any questions, please contact

Who is my Course Rep?

There are a few ways to find out who your Course Rep is…..

You can email and we will let you know!

You can look for someone in your lectures who is wearing a Course Rep lanyard.

You can ask your Program Leader

Ask others in your lectures and seminars!

Okay so I have now been elected as the Course Rep (Congratulations!) What do I need to do now?

I am a Course Rep what do I do now?

Complete the mandatory training facilitated by the Student Voice Team

Collate student feedback on your course

Speak to your Programme Leader about attending the Programme Management Board meetings

Make a note of De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU) Course Rep Catch up meetings to keep them free so you can attend!

Key Dates

Notification of Elections - 25.09.23

Nominations Open - 03.10.23

Nominations Close - 18.10.23

Voting Opens - 23.10.23

Voting Closes - 27.10.23

Course Rep Results - 30.10.23

What happens at the DSU Course Rep Catch Ups?

Course reps get to meet other course reps faculty wide. It is a place for discussion to look for common themes, positive or negative and discuss a plan of action. It is a place to network seek guidance and have discussions about how best to represent students.

You can plan campaigns, make change and celebrate eachothers achievements.

What are the benefits of being a Course Rep?

You become a student leader?

You can make change for your cohort and future students

Employability benefits, gaining skills and experience

Attend and contribute to University meetings to facilitate student voice

You automatically become a member of Student Council and get to vote on the direction the Student Union Executive Officers goals and outputs.

You can make lifelong friends

Attend Course Rep socials

What are the benefits of speaking to my Course Rep?

Your Course Rep can take your positive/negative comments back to the university and make change

A Course Rep can action your concerns or issues and ensure there is a platform for your voice to be heard

They can signpost you in the right direction if unsure!

I am unhappy with my Course Representative. What can I do?

Seek guidance and raise your concerns with the Student Voice Team –

Inform your Programme Leader

Get to know the removal of a Course Rep procedure (Vote of no confidence)

Please note: Course representatives can only be removed from post by; A breach of DSU’s Code of Conduct, policies and values as an organisation, thereby meaning action will be taken in accordance to the Discipline Bye-Law (12), or; From a Vote of No Confidence from the students of that particular course if the electorate of the Course Representative no longer views the student effective and/or fulfilling the duties of their role. In such case they can call for a Vote of No Confidence.