Volunteering AT DSU

DSU volunteers have access to hundreds of unique and exciting volunteering opportunities. We have links with over 300 local organisations in Leicester and Leicestershire as well as volunteering opportunities within your Students’ Union, the university and on campus.

You might want to raise money for your favourite charity or do something to help the environment or you might simplu want to wait for us to tell you were will be and what we will be doing and you turn up!


  • Browse through our volunteering opportunities to see which ones you would like to be involved in
  • If you're feeling nervous about getting started, you can email us (activities@dmu.ac.uk) and we can talk through your ideas or plan.
  • You can even choose to volunteer with a friend which means double the help for the amazing cause you're supporting.

For more information about leading your volunteering group, head to our committee Hub here

DMU Volunteering Opportunities

To find out more about DMU Local and sport related opportunities, please click the links below:

DMU Sustainability are currently looking for Responsible Futures Auditor who will assess the university's progess in the NUS Responsible Futures Program. Click browse opportunities to find out more.