Start a New Student Group

We love supporting new student led opportunities so you can make the most of your time at University. If there's a society that you can't see on offer, you are welcome to submit an application to create it!

Here is everything you will need to start...

1. A new idea

To start a society you need to have a unique idea that doesn't replicate any existing student groups or services.

Check the Student Group web pages to check the established societies and sport clubs.

New sport clubs will need to exist for a year as a society before being considered by DMUsport for BUCS competitions.

Check Existing Student Groups

2. AN APPROVED Student Group Application Form

The Student Group Application Form tells us who will be running your society and what your society will do. The information on your form allows us to allocate a Student Opportunities Coordinator to support you.

As you begin thinking about the events your society could do, consider a combination of online and in-person activities. This will ensure that your society is more accessible to a wider range of students.

Your completed application form will then be taken to the next Opportunities Team meeting for approval.

Student Group Application Form

3. A Student Group Start Up meeting

If approved, one of our Student Group Coordinators will contact you to complete a plan for your society, online training to support you in your committee roles, and to set up a meeting with your committee members. The information provided through these will cover everything you need to know to begin planning your first society events and activities.

After that, your society is officially launched!

You will be able to start planning events and activities straight away, and you'll receive ongoing support from your Student Group Coordinator throughout the year.

If you have any further questions about starting a new society, please contact