Voting is now Closed and the Results are Live!

Thanks for casting your vote in the DSU Elections 21 and having your voice heard. See the results below.

DSU Elections 21 Results!

Results for the DSU Elections 21

Welcome to #DSUElections21.

This is your chance to take part in deciding who leads your Union for the next 12 months. Your vote has the power to decide the direction the Union takes. Use this site to learn more about the candidates, their priorities and what they hope to achieve before deciding who to vote for. Your Vote Matters! Take part and shape your Union.

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Your Executive Officers

Every year members of the students' union vote to elect students to become your Executive Officers, they work to improve your student experience and help you make a positive change.

Executive Officer Roles

5 Executives each look after their own specific area to tackle student faced issues to drive meaningful change.

Your Liberation Officers

Liberation Officers amplify the voice of all students to campaign for change on behalf of all backgrounds.

Meet the Candidates

Check out all of the candidates, campaign posters and manifestos.



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Watch this space for upcoming Elections events!

Candidate Hub

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Candidate access to all relevant campaign resources, materials and information.