Student Groups

Create a lifetime of memories...


Discover exciting new hobbies, unleash hidden talents, find a new passion, or indulge in what you already love!

Being part of a society or sports club welcomes you into a family of like-minded individuals and is a really great and exciting place to make new friends. Activities, meals, socials, and Union events are all parts of the academic calendar so there definitely something for everyone!

Not only do societies and sports clubs offer a unique platform to make friends, learn new things and have fun, being part of a society means you could win awards, attend conferences, ceremonies and gain qualifications. All the experience you will gain is a great addition to boost your CV. 

There are loads of student groups to choose from! 

Take a look at our list and if you don’t see anything you like you can even start a new group with 3 other friends!

For more information about leading your student group, head to our Committee Hub.