Officer Team

Your Executive Officers

Nyashadzashe Nguwo

Academic Executive Officer

"As a student, it's important to achieve your best and have the best time whilst at University. I will work my level best to improve your DMU academic experience and make positive change that will allow you to go far!"

Puja Subramanian

Equality & Diversity Executive Officer

"DMU always amazes me with its diversity. My goal is to ensure YOU have safe spaces to voice out YOUR issues. I will help you break those unspoken barriers which stop you from achieving your best at DMU, because YOU DESERVE THE BEST.”

Aashni Sawjani

Opportunities & Engagement Executive Officer

"7 Years, 4 degrees later, I will put the student experience at the core of work I do so students can have a fruitful university experience. When not working, find me dancing or on a road trip. I am all laughs, discussions, food and music.”

Joanna Dine-Hart

Union Development Executive Officer

"I'm bringing our SU back to you! I am focusing on initiatives that encourage a culture of sustainability and ensuring you are being given every opportunity to thrive and learn by outsourcing work to you. A union by students, for students.”

Benjamin Smith

Welfare Executive Officer

"I will assure that the University is putting you and your wellbeing first. I will tackle the welfare issues that affect your university life to improve your student experience.”

Your Liberation Officers

Maryam Haque

BAME Representative
Hope Heeley

Disabled Students' Representative
Leonardo Venturi

International Students' Representative
Nicole Sibanda

LGBTQ+ Representative
Temi Adekunle

Mature Students' Representative
Nusrat Nadir

Postgraduate Students' Representative
Wiktoria Pulka

Women's Representative
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