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Nyashadzashe Nguwo

Academic Executive Officer

"As a student, it's important to achieve your best and have the best time whilst at University. I will work my level best to improve your DMU academic experience and make positive change that will allow you to go far!"

Meera Dasani

Equality & Diversity Executive Officer

"From being a course rep and taking part in student groups, my student experience allows me as your Equality and Diversity Exec to represent, support and listen to you to enhance your student experience.”

Aashni Sawjani

Opportunities & Engagement Executive Officer

"7 Years, 4 degrees later, I will put the student experience at the core of work I do so students can have a fruitful university experience. When not working, find me dancing or on a road trip. I am all laughs, discussions, food and music.”

Amir Iqbal

Union Development Executive Officer

"With 4 years as a DMU student, involved in various societies, acting as a student ambassador and participating in a wide variety of events, I have had the opportunities to share my voice as a student leader, and now it's time for me to help you project yours.”
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