Celebrate all abilities with DisABILITY

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This April De Montfort Students' Union (DSU) has partnered with DMU Disability, Advice and Support (DAS) to represent disability in a new light and create a more inclusive environment with DisABILITY.

Throughout April and particularly during World Autism Awareness Week, there will be a number of events taking place for students to get involved with as part of the DisABILITY campaign.

The biggest barriers people with disabilities encounter are other people. This could be due to the fact that they simply have little or no knowledge surrounding the implications that people with disabilities are faced. It is important to note that not all disabilities are visible.

The DisABILITY campaign will aim to increase awareness and inspire social inclusion within our university, sports clubs, societies and our local community. Disability awareness means educating people regarding disabilities and giving people the knowledge required to carry out a job or task thus separating good practice from poor. 

Throughout April there will be a number of different activities organised by DSU and DAS that will get people talking more openly and honestly about disabilities. These events will also aim to break down any stigmas surrounding specific impairments and create a safe space to interact and get involved...whatever your ability! 

Take a look at what’s going on in our events guide below...

Many people may feel awkward and are unable to speak openly about their perceptions of others and their abilities. This campaign will begin to break this barrier by getting people talking and breaking the stigma.

DSU and DAS want people talking about what they can do, what they are good at and most of all recognising that there are so many opportunities to embrace – together! This April and for the foreseeable let’s celebrate that ALL individuals have different interests and different needs while embracing the opportunities available.

This is great way to open your minds and engage in a challenging issue within our society so don’t hesitate to look at what we have going on just here.




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