A Healthy Mind is just as important as a Healthy Body

DSU has partnered with Leicester Students' Union to bring you Healthy Body, Healthy Mind - a campaign focusing on the importance of physical activity on your physical and mental health while at university.

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There are many reasons why physical activity is good for your body. Having a healthy heart and improving your joints and bones are just two examples, but did you know that physical activity is also beneficial for your mental health and wellbeing?

According to Mind taking part in physical activity three times a week can cut your chances of getting depression by about 20%.

Physical activity can also…

  • Boost confidence and even your immune system.
  • Release endorphins, helping you feel happy and boosts mood.
  • Helps you relax, relieve stress and improve sleep.
  • Increase brain productivity, function and memory.
  • Have a profound positive impact on depression and alleviate anxiety.

Here at De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU) we understand that your mental wellbeing is just as important as physical, so in line with Varsity, DSU are partnering with the University of Leicester’s Students’ Union and DMU Sport to run the ‘Healthy Body, Healthy Mind’ campaign.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind aims to highlight the importance of engagement with physical, social and mental opportunities at the university to enable each student to attain a healthy body and a healthy mind.

This year DSU and UoL SU aim to ensure every student has the opportunity to benefit from Varsity by educating students on ways in which they can improve their overall mental and physical wellbeing.

Derrick Mensah, VP of Activities and DSU, said: ‘Healthy Body, Healthy Mind is a campaign aimed at highlighting the importance of a healthy mind on the student journey’

‘We know there are many ways to attain a healthy mind and physical exercise plays a role in that.’

‘This campaign is to show that sports in particular is not just competition, but has many benefits that will help you attain a healthy mind.’

Throughout Varsity we’re following the journey of three very different students from De Montfort University (DMU) to find out more about how sport has impacted their mental and physical health.

During Varsity and in the weeks following DSU has created a range of events for students to get involved with including ‘Becoming a Perfect Student’ and the ‘Varsity and RAG Games Night’.

Becoming a Perfect Student’ will take place on Thursday 14 March and will involve an evening of discussion, activities, workshops and of course food all aimed to help you have a voice and get any extra support you may need.

The 'Varsity and RAG Games Night' will then take place on Tuesday 19 March and will be an opportunity to socialise, meet new people, play a range of games and also enjoy some brilliant food.  

As well as DSU’s events HealthyDMU have created a range of activities for students to get involved with including Taiko Drumming, Yoga and a Masterclass in Confidence.

Find out more about what HealthyDMU have planned here.

Although this campaign is heavily sports orientated we want to emphasise the fact that you don’t have to play sports to win and you can still be a part of Varsity and competitions at DMU without playing sport.

Therefore DSU has partnered with DMULocal and HealthyDMU to give all students the chance to win during Varsity with the Proud To Be More Award.

The Proud To Be More award will go to the student who has actively engaged with the services DMU and DSU have on offer.

To be in with a chance of winning some amazing prizes, all you have to do is tell us about how you’ve engaged with us while at DMU.

Find out more about the Proud To Be More Awards here.



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