Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Alongside Varsity, De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU) and Leicester Students' Union have teamed up to run a joint ‘Healthy Body, Healthy Mind’ campaign to raise awareness of the ongoing campaigns that students take part in to form a positive culture around sport.

We are keen to dispel the myths around a ‘healthy body’ and ‘healthy mind’ as no singular one exists and is not defined by how we look, our range of mobility or existing conditions. The importance of the campaign is to do what you can do and to look after yourself, whether that is rejecting diet culture and having a slice of pizza in your Varsity meal prep, to trying to improve your language and behaviour around sex or mental health. Employing active self-awareness and self-care is the most important culture we want to surround sporting students with.

Throughout the Varsity series the campaign will have three focuses: Nutrition, Men’s Mental Health and Sex Positivity.

These topics are not exclusive to sporting students but we want to take advantage of the engagement of the time period and give these topics the platform they deserve. You can follow the campaign on social media via the #HBHM hashtag.

The video below features sportsmen from both DMU and Team Leicester and aims to encourage an open conversation about mental health. The video will be played at every Varsity men's game throughout the series to raise awareness.