Vice President Student Activities

Your De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU) Vice President Student Activities this year is Ahtesham Mahmood.

He's a very strong believer that when you walk across that graduation stage, with a room echoing with cheering parents and friends going mad as you collect your degree, you shouldn’t just be collecting a piece of paper.

He wants every student to complement their degree with rewarding 'co-curricular' experience. When you exchange your dedication, struggles, sacrifices and resilience – it’s backed with strong experience of great personal development. Come to university to leave as a champion and don’t settle for anything less.

Before he was voted in as VP Student Activities, Ahtesham was a student ambassador and was constantly asked "is it hard to make friends here?" The answer is no! It's really not.

And Ahtesham's words of advice?

What really expands your 'social paradise' is getting involved with sports clubs, societies and volunteering at DSU. Here you'll meet loads of like-minded people because you can be a part of whatever you want to be.

In Ahtesham's manifesto he promised to work on these key areas:

  • Awareness and accessibilty of student groups and opportunities
  • Space and facility availability for student groups
  • Employability of our students
  • Establishing office hours for VP Student Activities

You can get in touch with Ahtesham on Twitter @DSU_SAct, on email at or by calling 0116 366 4853.