DSU provides FREE sanitary products for all

DSU wants to ensure sanitary products are available for all at DMU.

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De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU) are continuing to provide FREE sanitary products to students and staff in the Campus Centre.

Products including tampons and sanitary towels are currently taxed at 5% in the UK and are classed as a ‘luxury item’ rather than a necessity.

Research from the project Freedom4Girls showed that across the UK, girls as young as 11 were missing school due to not being able to afford proper sanitary products.

Students can find the FREE sanitary products in the toilets and at the DSU reception.

DSU wants to make sure no DMU student or staff member doesn’t have access to sanitary products or has to worry about affording them.

Mollie Footitt, DP of Education at DSU said: ‘Sanitary products are not a luxury item’

‘When I was a student I always had to be cautious of my spending and make sure to include tampons and pads into my budget’

‘No one should have to worry about budgeting for sanitary products or missing out on their education because they can’t afford them’

Tampons and sanitary products are now available in all the female toilets, gender neutral toilets and at DSU’s reception in the Campus Centre.



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