We've got all the academic information #UNI2KNOW

De Montfort Students' Union's (DSU's) latest campaign, UNI2KNOW, will help students at DMU know their rights as students and what exactly is an academic offence.

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The UNI2KNOW campaign will continue to help students at De Montfort University (DMU) know their rights and what exactly an academic offence is.

UNI2KNOW will help students to know what is expected of them while they study, including Exam Rules and how to avoid academic offences. The campaign will also mean all information about building opening times and information about essay writing and support sessions are all in one place.

Mollie Footitt, DP of Education at DSU, is heading the campaign for a second year in hopes of raising awareness of academic rights, how to avoid committing academic offences and how to get access to free support.

Mollie explained 'I started this campaign last academic year to help students access the information from policies and suchlike that will help make their time studying at DMU a little bit easier.' 

This year, DSU wants to make sure students know the four main academic offences and how to avoid them. They are Plagiarism, Collusion, Re-submitting marked work and Submitting work you did not write.

To help make sure you have everything you need to know, pick up a free clear pencil case from the library with all the key information in one place.

Mollie continued: "Having the free pencil cases for everyone to use in their exams that are full of information will hopefully help reduce the amount of plagiarism mistakes that commonly happen."

As Exam and Deadline Season is approaching fast, DSU wants to help students know the exam rules and be fully prepared.

To be aware of all the exam rules and to avoid making an exam offence, we've created a quick video with Mollie to summarise them for you. 

UNI2KNOW also aims to ensure students know all the information regarding what is available to them in the way of support and where they can go to prepare for exam and deadline season.

Mollie said: 'This campaign is also a good way of reinforcing that there is support for students from the students’ union and the university that you might not know about.'

Students can find opening times and information about academic support sessions here.

She continued: “Hopefully students never will be, but if a student is called to panel for commiting an academic offence, they can contact DSU Advice for free independent, confidential and professional advice.”



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