Hip Hop Dance

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Hip Hop Dance


Hip Hop Society is open to all DMU Students to participate, learn and have the opportunity compete in Hip Hop Dance.

We are welcoming all abilities of dancer, wether you are fully trained or if you have never set foot in a studio, we would love to have you!

Our aim is to give the students of DMU the opportunity to learn, create and perform in many styles. We aim not only to teach dance, but the culture of Hip Hop, including the history, foundations and rules.

We offer weekly lessons in a variety of styles our main ones being Popping, Locking, Krump, Hip-Hop, House and Commercial, contributing to the growing popularity of dance in and around Leicester.

We also bring in external artists from various areas and institutions with different styles and experiences to share with you. 


Caitlin Hamit: 

President & teacher.

Caitlin currently studies dance at DMU but has been dancing since the age of 10. Her favourite styles include commercial and hiphop. She is a member of Code Crew and can't wait to compete in competitions. 


Natasha Comins: Vice President & Teacher. 

Natasha is trained in hip hop, commerical and commercial jazz. She will be teaching commercial throughout the year.


Chloe Corran: Treasurer & Social Media Secretary. 

Chloe has danced from the age of 3. She has trained in commercial from the age of 13 and was part of the Isle of Man's Mannin Youth Dance Company from 2017-2019. 


Alicia Blagden : Health and Safety Officer & Teacher. 

Alicia has experience in hip hop and commercial and is also a member of Code Crew.


Katie Franklin: Teacher 

Katie is a member of Code Crew who has trained in commercial and commercial jazz, she will be teaching both styles throughout the term. 


Tunkanmi Akinfe: Teacher 

Tuks is a member of Code Crew and will be teaching hip hop throughout the term! She loves to use movement that flows and is looking forward to sharing the studio with new people.


Duje Saric: Teacher 

Duje has experience in heels, commercial, jazz and voguing. He is looking forward to teaching and meeting everyone!


If you want to get involved, purchase a £10 membership below and come along to class.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! 

We look forward to meeting you!

Caitlin Hamit
Health & Safety
Alicia Blagden
Chloe Corran
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