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Welcome to the DMU Acapella society page!

In the DMU Acapella society we create music solely with our voices!  We have a fun, creative environment in which we strive to create great music that our members are proud of. We have live performances for many exciting events, which in the past have included:

  • Flashmobs 
  • Weddings
  • Bars
  • Charity concerts for amazing organisations such as LAMP and MIND association for mental health awareness. 

We were even nominated for 'Most Improved Society 2014!' , won 'Society of the Week' in 2017, nominated for 'RAG Event 2018' and 'Society of the Year 2018'!

Our society record music for our social media accounts which are becoming more popular each and every day! We choose from a wide variety of song genres so there is always something to suit everybody and our dedicated, musically experienced committee work extra hard all year round to make our society the best it can be!

Here at DMU Acapella, we want nothing but the best for our members. We aim to:

  • Help you find your voice
  • Build and strengthen your confidence 
  • Provide musical training, including vocal exercises and breathing techniques
  • Create a safe, happy environment for all!

We have awesome weekly social events, including fun nights out and more relaxed events too. These are a great way to meet other people who share a passion for music, make new friends and take a break from the strain of university. There are so many exciting plans for our society this year- 2018/19 is going to be our BIGGEST year yet!

So if you're looking to be part of a passionate, talented society who love to make music then consider DMU Acapella for a truly great, musical experience! 


 Our Committee:

Chair: Sabina Mack

Musical Director: Donald Linegar

Secretary: Katie Start

Media Officer: Sophie Hughes

Treasurer: Amy Reynolds

Health and Safety Officer: Annie Jones



Hi, I'm Sabina and I'm your Chair for this year. I'm a 3rd year Business and Marketing student with hopes of working in Fashion marketing after graduation. I joined acapella as I was looking for a group to fill the gap in life I was left with after finishing drama school at home and I was not disappointed! Not only has acapella given me a new group of friends, I continue to be able to perform, have increased my vocal ability and lots of other skills! If you’re looking for a vocal group to sing your heart out with, boost your confidence and meet amazing new people come and join our acapella family!



Hey there! I'm Don your musical director man. I'm in my third year at DMU studying mechanical engineering. I am a self-taught hobbyist musician and I make music for the enjoyment of making it. I joined DMU acapella because in 2012 I saw a group on YouTube called ‘Pentatonix’ sing a medley of daft punk songs and the thoughts 'yeah I can do that' and 'wow that guy's voice is looow' ran through my head. Little did I know what an endeavour that would become. I will be acquiring and arranging music for y'all to sing, probably teaching it too. Joining acapella was the best choice of my university career, the people I have met, the ups and downs, I can't imagine how dull my university life would be without it. JOIN!


Hi everyone, I'm Katie and I'm your new secretary for this year?? I joined Acapella as a last minute decision and I honestly wouldn't change it for the world. I am a second year Drama student and after my studies I want to look into teaching. I have always loved singing and performing and acapella was the perfect fit when it came to carrying on with that passion in my life! Acapella is a family and we have a lot of laughs, so excited to meet some new faces!


Hi everybody my name is Sophie and I am your Media Officer here at DMU Acapella. I'm a 3rd year Criminology and Criminal Justice with Psychology student and I aspire to become specialist CID for the police after I graduate. I joined Acapella in my first year of university as I loved singing and had previously created and ran an Acapella group at college, as well as being in Panto's in Birmingham for 5 years. What I didn't realise was what amazing friends I would make when deciding to join Acapella, from not only all over the country but from all over the world, who have all become such a huge part of my university experience. The group is so friendly and welcoming to anybody that wishes to join, whether you've been singing forever or just starting, we are here to help grow your confidence and skills! You are guaranteed to have some laughs and make plenty of memories here with us at DMU Acapella. 


Hi, I’m Amy and I’m this years treasurer for acapella . I’m a second year Drama student with hopes of teaching after graduation. I joined DMU acapella for two main reasons, to sing and to make friends and I wasn’t disappointed. Joining the society has given me the opportunity to grow as a performer and become a part of an incredibly talented family. My previous singing experience was purely from school shows but I feel that acapella has solidified my love for singing and strengthened my passion for being on stage. I urge anyone with singing experience or not to give this odd family a try because you never know what can happen when you’re singing the same note for 3 minutes.


Hi everyone I'm Annie, a second year mechanical engineering student and I'm your health and safety officer this year. I joined Acapella because it was unique and something that I hadn't done before and it was definitely worth joining, it's so much fun. What makes this society are the people in it, everyone is so kind and amazing. This society has given me so much more confidence and helped to improve my singing (showers will never be the same). Anyone who loves singing and performing come and join in!






FRESHERS: *If you have been accepted into De Montfort University 2018-2019 and are interested in joining our society, feel free to contact us via the contact information below and a member of our committee will be happy to assist in answering your queries.* 

Contact Us:


Facebook: DMU Acapella

Twitter: @DMUacapella

Instagram: @AcapellaDMU


Sabina Mack
Health & Safety
Annabelle Jones
Musical Director
Donald Linegar
Katherine Start
Social Media Officer
Sophie Hughes
Joe Nelson
Amy Reynolds
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DMU Acapella Elections 2016/17

Hello and welcome to the DMU Acapella elections. This is an annual event, in which all positions of the committee will be up for grabs. These positions will be; Chair Person, Secretary, Treasurer, Health and Safety Officer and Media Officer. Voting will be open from today (31st March) to Tuesday 11th April at 6pm - in which the results will be announced at the end of our usual session - Thank you and good luck! :)

5 posts are up for election.

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