RESULTS: DSU’s new Officer Team for 2019/20 have been confirmed

De Montfort University (DMU) have voted for De Montfort Students' Union (DSU)'s next Officer Team including an all female Executive Team.

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Following a successful and exciting election period, De Montfort University (DMU) students have voted for their next student leaders - including an all-female Executive team!

DMU students had their say in choosing the five new full-time Executives and seven part-time liberation representatives to make up the new De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU) Officer Team.

Following a refresh of DSU’s governing documents and changes to the DSU Officer Team roles at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), there was five executive roles and seven liberation representative roles up for grabs.

For the first time ever, DSU has an all-female executive team including;

The executive officers will be on an equal structure and will be responsible for taking ownership of their own areas of responsibilities.

The news of an all-female Executive Team comes just after International Women’s Day on Friday 8 March.

Alongside the Executive Team, the DSU Officer Team will include a team of seven part-time liberation representatives including;

Meanwhile, this year’s National Union of Students (NUS) Delegates who will join current VP Activities Derrick Mensah at the NUS Nation Conference are Diya Rattanpal, Ree Appeah, Aisha Ismail, Laura Flowers, Siddhaarth Sivasamy and Gavin McMinn.

The new Officer Team are due to take up their positions on Monday 1 July.



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