Become a DSU Frontrunner and gain valuable employability skills

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Students at De Montfort University (DMU) are being given the opportunity to gain valuable employability skills at De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU) – and earn some extra cash while at university.

A total of eight Frontrunner positions – spanning every corner of DSU – have been launched, with applications open to all current DMU students who have not previously held a Frontrunner or internship role.

The roles will include a maximum of ten hours a week during term time and are paid at the current living wage of £9 per hour.

The full list of internship positions available at DSU, with links to apply on MyGateway, include;

Applications close on Thursday 4 April. Successful candidates will join DSU’s staff team in supporting our Officer Team, made up of both current and former DMU students.

One of Mollie's responsibilities as DP Education at DSU is increasing the employability of students at DMU.

Mollie Footitt, DP Education at DSU, said: “Most students get engaged with DSU anyway, so you may as well get paid for it!

“From my point of view as part of the Officer Team, it’s so good to see fellow students grow and develop alongside you in each role throughout the year and the skills that you’ll gain alongside your studies are really important.”

All DSU positions are based in the Campus Centre on the DMU campus, which Mollie added as another plus.

“It’s less stress than trying to run here, there and everywhere across the city,” she explained. “You’ll be working on campus, which hopefully makes life a little bit easier for you.

“It’s also so important to have that student voice and that freshness in the students’ union and that’s why everyone should apply.”

PLEASE NOTE: All those wishing to apply for a Frontrunner position will need to also attenda Frontrunners application workshop.

Remaining workship dates include:

  • Monday 11 March - 10am - 11am;
  • Monday 18 March - 2pm - 3pm;
  • Monday 19 March - 10am - 11am;
  • Friday 22 March - 1pm - 2pm;
  • Tuesday 26 March - 1pm - 2pm;
  • Thursday 28 March - 12pm - 1pm;
  • and Monday 1 April - 2pm - 3pm.

Please book for a session through the 'All Events' section on MyGateway. All workshops can be found under the title 'Frontrunners Effective Application Workshop'.

There are eight Frontrunner roles available at DSU where students will be paid the current living wage of £9 per hour for a maximum of ten hours per week.



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