Raise and Give (RAG)

Help raise funds for worthwhile causes

DSU RAG Week (which stands for Raising And Giving) is the Students’ Union’s flagship fundraising week bringing together numerous students group with one common purpose; supporting the extraordinary work charities undertake.

RAG is a phenomenon within students’ unions nationwide helping to raise millions of pounds for worthy causes through events, challenges, as well as any ideas YOU may have!  And DSU is no different, we have an eventful week bursting at the seams with crazy and enjoyable activities to support local, national and worldwide charities.

This year – with your help – RAG is going to be even bigger and better


Top 10 Society Fundraisers 2016/16

Top 10 Sport Fundraisers 2016/17


Submit a fundraising total

If you have raised any money at all for your student group throughout the year 2016/17 then please complete the form below, let us know; who you are, how much you raised, how you did it and who you have raised it for. We will then update our interactive charts about and hopefully you can force your way into the top 10 and help us complete our fundraising target.

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