The Social Collective

If you’re worried about turning up at events alone, then The Social Collective will help you find your people.

Each Collective has a student Rep who will meet you in the Students’ Union building and introduce you to other students with similar interests. Once you've been introduced, The Social Collective Rep will then lead the whole Collective to an event so you can all arrive together.

You can meet like-minded students based on the type of events you're interested in. The Collectives are split into the following interest areas:

  • Super Societies Collective - Introduce me to new interests and hobbies. e.g. student group taster sessions.
  • Fitness Fun Collective - Help me focus on my physical health, e.g. sports, dance.
  • Wellbeing Wonders Collective - Help me focus on my general wellbeing. e.g. mindfulness, crafts, self-care.
  • Studies & Skills Collective - Support my studies and develop employability skills. e.g. library sessions, course rep events.
  • Social Discovery Collective - Introduce me to Leicester e.g. club nights, sightseeing, days out.
  • Valuable Volunteering Collective - How can I help others and contribute more? e.g. one-off or longer-term volunteering events.
  • Worldwide Collective - For international students looking to settle into UK university life.


If you would like to join a Collective, complete the form below.