#RewindDSU and check out 10 of our top news stories from 2018!

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2018 has been a very busy year at De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU); from the opening of the Castle Inn, to De Montfort University (DMU) students approving refreshed governing documents at our Annual General Meeting (AGM).

So, we thought we’d remind you of some of our highlights with 10 of our most-read news stories from the year…

Historic building on the DMU campus given new lease of life as the Castle Inn

This summer we opened a new micro-pub in one of the most historic areas of Leicester. The Castle Inn, which is located on Castle View next to Leicester Castle Business School sits in the walls of the former Leicester Castle.

The pub is open to students, staff and guests and is run by DSU.

Meet the Student Champions who will represent you at DMU this year

Student Champions joined DSU earlier this year to help support our Officer Team.

The 12 Champions, all with previous experience as either a Course Rep, School Representative Coordinator (SRC) or as a part-time liberation representative on our Officer Team, are helping us to better represent your academic interests – and will stick around into 2019!

Officer Team and all-new Student Champions continue to give students a voice at DMU

Our Officer Team continued to represent students at DMU following our Elections while we took the time to review our constitution and democratic processes.

Mollie and Derrick have been supported by our Student Champions to ensure you have the best possible student experience.

Library fines slashed to cut financial burden on DMU students

Following lobbying by DSU, students are now no longer charged a penalty fine for an overdue loan book, DVD or CD that has not been reserved by someone else.

Former President of DSU Ahtesham Mahmood worked with DMU’s Library and Learning Services to ensure students didn’t have to worry about another financial burden while they studied.

Students approve refreshed governing documents for DSU

Earlier this month we held our Annual General Meeting – or AGM – where members of DSU voted for a number of changes designed to better represent students at DMU.

At the AGM students voted for the proposed changes to our governing documents including new Bye-Laws and updating the full-time Officer Team roles for the next academic year.

More space for work on the DMU campus with The DSU Study Space

Back in April in the middle of exam and deadline season, we transformed the Campus Centre Atrium into a learning zone for our members to use.

The study space, which had room for group work and charging points for laptops could be used to complete work including dissertations, end-of-year projects and other important pieces of coursework.

DSU to support almost 1,000 students on #DMUglobal trips to New York

DSU is currently getting ready to support #DMUglobal in taking more than 1,000 DMU students to the Big Apple in January.

Both Derrick Mensah, VP of Student Activities and Mollie Footitt, DP of Education at DSU will join hundreds of students in New York and will be delivering a range of activities for students to get involved with.

Ahtesham to continue working for students after two terms on our Officer Team and Mike to stay on the DMU campus to help students after two terms on our Officer Team

…but it’s not just our current Officer Team that are representing students. Despite finishing their second terms with us in June, both Ahtesham and Mike continue to work for students – with Mike staying on the DMU campus to help refresh a service used by tens of thousands of students every year!

#NotOnMyCampus: DSU takes a stand against discrimination on campus

At the start of the new academic year, we launched #NotOnMyCampus in Berlin – our new campaign designed to show that we won’t stand for discrimination of any kind.

Keep your eyes peeled for an extra-special event taking place at the start of 2019 to reinforce how we’re working alongside the university to combat discrimination.

DSU provides FREE sanitary products for all

And finally, a feel good story – we took on the Tampon Tax in November by offering FREE sanitary products for all.

Tampons and sanitary products are now available in all the female toilets, gender neutral toilets and at DSU’s Reception in our Campus Centre home, and will continue to be available in 2019.



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