Meet the Student Champions who will represent you at DMU this year

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An all-new team of Student Champions will enable De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU) to better represent your academic interests at De Montfort University (DMU) this year.

The group – made up of students from across DMU’s four faculties – will support an Officer Team of Mollie FootittDerrick Mensah and Jessica Okwuonu to ensure your voice is heard both across campus and beyond.

All 12 Student Champions have previous experience as either a Course Rep, School Representative Coordinator (SRC), or as a part-time liberation representative on our Officer Team, and are;

  • Renique Appeah (third-year Psychology with Health Studies BSc);
  • Tyler Arthur (third-year Journalism BA);
  • Thom Chapman (third-year Business and Globalisation BA);
  • Tom Guyton-Day (second-year Economics and Politics BA);
  • Gavin McMinn (second-year International Relations and Politics BA);
  • Myano Myano (second-year Accounting and Finance BSc);
  • Vivian Nwagboso (fourth-year Biomedical Science BSc);
  • Connall Pugh (second-year Law LLB);
  • Diya Rattanpal (third-year Law LLB);
  • Loren Short (second-year Nursing with NMC Registration BSc);
  • Lydia Turner (third-year Politics BA);
  • and Suresh Vaddiraju (second-year Biomedical Science BSc).

A team of 13 Student Champions will support Mollie, Derrick and Jess in representing you over the next academic year.

Diya Rattanpal, a third-year Law LLB student, said: “I applied for this role because I [want] to be able to represent students, especially the first-year students or people who are not as involved in the university.

“I just want to be a friendly face on campus and I want to make sure that people can turn to someone.

“If you’re completely lost, you know that we will always be here and we will be able to help and support you in whatever way we can.”

Student Champions will take the temperature of student opinion at DMU through going out and talking with students, and will play an active role in the students’ union’s review of our Constitution and democratic processes.

They will also attend democratic meetings such as our Student Councils and Annual General Meeting (AGM), as well as support the delivery of #FreshFest18 in September.

(L-R) Both Loren Short and Connall Pugh have both explained how their experience as a Student Champion will set them up for their future careers.



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