Course Reps

Course representatives

Every course at DMU can have a course representative. They are a student picked by their class mates. Course representatives are trained to help you with any issues you face at University. They attend key meetings with academic staff and are responsible for letting academics know about the key issues students face. They should also feedback to students when changes are made. 

Course Rep By-Elections are open from 7th April (12pm) - 21st April (12pm). Applicants must be a student for the 17/18 academic year. 


What is Course Rep conference? 

Course Rep Conference is a place where all student reps from all faculties come together to network with each other and to meet your DP Education, the Student Voice Team and a few senior members of the university. There are various workshops that take place to help empower you and make you amazing student reps! You will also get the opportunity to meet with your School Representative Coordinator (SRC) of your School who represents you within university/faculty committees.

How can I log in my Course Rep hours as volunteering?

You can log in your hours with DSU Volunteering by clicking here.