Student Council

What is Student Council?

Student Council is the main representation forum of DSU and works to influence policy, priorities and activities for the union and ensures the voice of our student members is heard.

Student Council will be made up of elected students and our Executive Officer team who will represent all DMU students and make decisions on behalf of the student body. All students are welcome to attend the Student Council meetings and ask for a motion or policy to be considered. 

This year DSU has launched a new style Student Council with membership taken from our newly created Zones since 2019. In 2021; we increased Zones from 4 to 5 with the creation of a new, seperate Welfare Zone.

The five Zones are Academic Zone, Opportunities Zone, Diversity and Equality Zone, Welfare Zone and the Open Zone - each one represents a different part of student life. 

The Student Council will meet at least four times a year, dates for the meetings can be found here. Student Council and Zone meetings are open for all students to attend - regardless of whether or not you are an elected rep. However; only elected reps may vote on any motions/policies/procedural votes etc. 

For further details on how Student Council works please take the time to read our Bye-Laws which can be found here.

Student Governance Structure