Student Council

Education and Activities Council 

De Montfort Students' Union has two seperate councils which decide the direction of the Students' Union: Education and Activities. Any student can turn up to the meeting and, as a democratic event, students have the final say. This is also an opportunity to submit questions to your executive officers and hold them to account. 

Activites Council 3rd November

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Education Council 16th November

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Activities Council 2nd February

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Education Council 16th Feburary

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Joint Activities and Education Council 6th April

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The Annual General Meeting

This is an event for all students; the biggest democratic meeting we hold. This is your chance to shape the direction of DSU, and submit questions to Trustees.

Tuesday 6th December

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Executive Officer Meetings

The Executive Officers are elected each year to act as your representatives to De Montfort University and run De Montfort Students' Union. The Full- and Part-Time Officers meet monthly to discuss ongoing policy and issues facing the student body. The Full-Time Officer also regularly meet with the Senior Management Team of DSU. 

Full- and Part-Time Officers Meetings (Minutes 2016/17)

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Full Time Officer and Senior Management Meetings (Minutes 2016/17)

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Upcoming Council Meetings

Fri 31st March

DMU Indian Society Holi Colour Festival
4am - 7am
Bede Park, Leicester
DMU Indian Society cordially invites you to be a part of #DMUISHOLI, as we celebrate Holi for the 5th year on the 31st of March at the Bede Park, Leicester. The events free & boasts a number of exciting activities including a live DJ and lots of fun.
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Thu 6th April

Joint Activities and Education Council
4:45pm - 6:30pm
Vijay Patel 4.05
The Final Council of the Year, where Activities and Education are combined This is the final democratic council event of 2016/17 and it is your chance to make change happen.





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