#NotOnMyCampus: DSU takes a stand against discrimination on campus

DSU launch an anti-discrimination campaign on #DMUGlobal trip to Berlin.

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De Montfort Students’ Union has taken a stance against discrimination on campus with the launch of the #NotOnMyCampus campaign.

In an aim to combat discrimination and anti-inclusive attitudes, De Montfort Students’ Union is enforcing the stance that the DMU campus welcomes everyone.

The campaign launches with 43 DMU students who join our Officers; Jessica Okwuonu, Vice President (VP) Welfare and Community at DSU and Mollie Footitt, Deputy President (DP) Education at DSU, on the #DMUGlobal trip to Berlin.

While in Berlin #NotOnMyCampus will launch with an Activist Academy for the students who have joined Jessica and Mollie in Berlin.

Jessica, who is leading the #NotOnMyCampus campaign, explained: “The students who have attended the launch in Berlin have been doing some craftivism, active bystander training and [are] creating their own plans on how they can bring this important message back to campus”

“#NotOnMyCampus aims to spread awareness about the difference we can make when we come together and stand against discrimination.”

DMU students attended an Activist Academy where they participated is craftivism, bystander training and an unconcious bias workshop.

During their time in Berlin, students will also meet with youth groups and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), to talk about the actions they can take to stomp out discrimination and how working together we can make a bigger impact.

Jessica went on to explain: “#NotOnMyCampus is all about showing people that, no matter what our differences [are], we don’t exclude them”

“Everyone deserves to feel a part of something, to be happy and not have to look over their shoulder in fear of being attacked or abused because someone doesn’t agree with a certain aspect of them.” 

“It's 2018, the fact we still need to ask people not to be racist, fascist, disablist, homophobic, islamophobic, transphobic etc is a joke. People before us have fought for these things not to exist anymore and it's our job as the future generation to continue this fight.”

The stance against discrimination will not be a temporary campaign though.

Following the trip to Berlin, the campaign will continue back on the DMU campus with students who attended the launch in Berlin bringing back their new knowledge to spread around Campus.

Students will also be able to pledge against hatred along with the Vice Chancellor of De Montfort University, Dominic Shellard. 

DSU will also have a hate crime reporting section on our landing page where people can report incidents they see on campus and continue the #NotOnMyCampus campaign.  




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