Mike Mayes

Mike is the Vice President Media and Communications at De Montfort Students' Union and a member of the Trustee board.

A DMU BSc Media Production graduate, whilst at university Mike was heavily involved in Demon Media including holding the role of Station Manager at DemonTV.  He was also part of the DMVGS and DMU Fencing.

Mike has a broad range of hobbies including travelling whenever possible, photography, listening to obscure music, Dungeons and Dragons, video games, Netflix, painting and "probably a lot more which I don’t remember right now""

Why did Mike want to become a Trustee?
"I wanted to see a broader array of students have the same kind of opportunities I’ve had while studying."

What does he want to achieve as a Trustee?
"Continue to develop our students’ union to make it more representative, more engaging and more of a force for good in the educational experience of our students.

Whilst in office I want to see the establishment of a production company which will link local companies with media needs and students with media skills to find pain and professional work for our students in fields relevant to their courses"