Governance Documents

Articles of Association
This is the document that outlines the regulations we are governed by and sets out how the students' union is run.

The Bye-Laws are a set of rules and regulations that summarise the day-to-day running of DSU and link back to the Articles of Association. They also set out the remit of each of our full-time executive officers.

Disciplinary Procedure
Sometimes our members act out of character and potentially do things that bring the students' union into disrepute, this document sets out the process for dealing with these rare instances.

Code of Conduct
Every DMU student is automatically a member of DSU and as such we expect a certain level of behavior that is outlined in this document.

DSU Policies
All current DSU policies are outlined in this document.

Student Charter
This Student Charter has been created collaboratively – by De Montfort University (DMU), by De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU), and by DMU students themselves, who will be encouraged to take an active role in its continuing development and success. The Student Charter sets out what we expect from each other, as partners in our scholarly community.

Impact Report (including Audited Accounts)
Every year the students' union is required, by law, to show how we spend the money we receive from the university and how the work we do positively impacts all of our members. We show this through our Impact Report and Audited Accounts.

2022/23 Impact Report

2021/22 Impact Report

2019/20 Impact Report

2018/19 Impact Report

2017/18 Impact Report

2016/17 Impact Report

Annual Report and Financial Statements

Annual Members Meeting 

Safeguarding Policy