Read the stories of some of DSU’s brilliant volunteers

Read the stories of some of DSU’s brilliant volunteers

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Student Volunteering Week - which takes place from Monday 10 until Sunday 16 February - is a national campaign that students' unions, universities and voluntary organisations across the country get involved with. This year De Montfort Students' Union (DSU) has chosen to celebrate the week by telling the stories of some of our fantastic volunteers.

At DSU we will be showcasing not only the amazing work out volunteers do, but also highlighting the opportunities available for De Montfort University (DMU) students.

Volunteering is a great way to enhance employability skills, connect to the local community, and form new friendships. Some of the DSU led volunteering opportunities include MyUniPal, Raise and Give, and #periodproudDSU.

Meet some of our brilliant volunteers…

Ebitimi Imomotebegha, Business Management and Economics Student

What volunteering activities have you been involved in so far?

"I volunteer as a MyUniPal and for DMULocal."

What was the best part of your volunteering experience?

"I get to meet a lot of people and make new friends. There’s a saying that ‘little goes a long way’ and I love that by just being myself at events, I get to impact student’s university experience."

Would you recommend volunteering to other students?

"Yes definitely. Apart from the obvious benefits like meeting new people and helping others, it also helps to keep you occupied and makes you appreciate your life experiences."

Any further plans for volunteering?

"Yes, of course!"

Julie Rosspriest, Psycology with Criminology

What volunteering activities have you been involved in so far?

"Working with the homeless, supporting the food bus, Project LIGHT, Macmillan volunteering, coffee morning events and cake sales to raise funds, working and supporting victims/survivors of domestic violence and supporting a community project promoting social inclusion."

What was the best part of your volunteering experience?

"After months of supporting different projects and attending activities - all of which involved working with so many individuals with so many different backgrounds of life - I would say I am so lucky to have the opportunity to meet so many fabulous individuals and have the opportunity to share people’s deepest thoughtful, experiences and feelings.  

I took on a leadership role of planning, sourcing and leading a day event to remind people that sometimes the smallest things can bring a smile to many people but by doing this it also promotes our own well-being.

On this particular day two wonderful individuals completed a creative activity by simply reassuring them they were doing so well and that they were indeed helping others. These individuals helped raise confidence and reminded people that it’s not about achieving a master piece but it’s the having ago that really matters. Seeing people’s faces light up was worth every second and has inspired me to empower others."

What would you recommend to students considering volunteering?

"I would say just have a go, try new things as it’s all important for future life. Working in life is not just about money it’s about enjoying what you do. Volunteering is rewarding as you become part of groups, teams make new friends and future links but it also helps your confidence.

Volunteering is about skill shaping. We all have something to offer, even those we support can open our eyes and develop. Don’t give up after a couple of visits keep going, make an effort, because one day it may be yourself, a friend or other loved one who attends these groups and projects so help build them now to develop the future.  Volunteering for me is fun, it’s also educational and challenging but it’s worth it."

Any further plans for volunteering?

"Yes definitely to continue, I would love to help establish new opportunities and get more students involved in the projects I currently support. Sharing experiences with other students is essential but more needs to be done to just get people to give it a try."

Volunteering through DSU is HEAR accredited, where you receive a Higher Education Achievement Certificate based on the total hours you have given to volunteering opportunities. This makes volunteering a great way to show extra-curricular activities to your employers, as well as expressing an active interest in the local community.

How do I volunteer at DSU?

To start volunteering, create an editable volunteer profile here and search for opportunities that match your interests. Once you have found an opportunity, you can log fulfilled hours within your profile - the first steps to achieving your certificate.

You can also come and meet our volunteering providers in the Campus Centre building 11am-2pm throughout Student Volunteering Week.