Officer Team do their bit to help keep you safe

An important part of our job at DSU is doing our bit to help keep you safe at uni.

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An important part of our job at De Montfort Students Union (DSU) is doing our bit to help keep you safe at uni.

That’s why our Officer Team spent time on Hawthorn Square last week giving away free personal alarms and chatting to De Montfort University (DMU) students about staying safe on and around campus.

Keira Rounsley, VP Welfare and Community at DSU, said: “We understand that winter is coming and that it gets dark a lot earlier now – but we also know that student life doesn’t stop.

“You might be in the library late and walking home alone. That’s why we’ve been giving away these personal alarms for free and explaining how we are working in partnership with the university to keep you safe and ensure that you feel safe and supported in all ways possible.”

Keira was joined by VP Student Activities Ahtesham Mahmood (left) as well as President Dan Winney and Women's Representative Lauren Thomas.

Keira continued: “We are also working with sports teams and other student groups to shape a campaign working against sexual assault.

“As well as setting up a first responders team we are getting staff trained in what to do if someone discloses something like this so that as many people as possible are trained to support students and understand what the different processes are.”

Don’t worry if you missed out on picking up your free personal alarm – just pop along to DSU’s Reception in The Art Factory where you can grab your own!

Lauren Thomas, Women’s Representative at DSU, said: “This event is important because students’ safety is very important to all of us at the students’ union and the university.”

You can read the university’s top ten tips on staying safe here.

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