DemonFM on the air from ‘nice and shiny’ new studio

DemonFM have been singing the praises of their ‘nice and shiny’ new studio.

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DemonFM, De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU)’s student radio station, have been singing the praises of their ‘nice and shiny’ new studio.

The station, which broadcasts across the city of Leicester on 107.5FM and worldwide, is part of the award-winning Demon Media group and has just started broadcasting from a brand new studio in the Queens Building at De Montfort University (DMU).

Thousands of pounds have been invested into the new facilities, including a larger desk for presenters and producers, more space for studio guests, and improved equipment including new sound desks, microphones and DJ gear.

Mike Mayes, VP Media and Communications at DSU, said: “Previously, the way that the radio studio was laid out, it made it so that if you were to have a guest on the show or a group conversation, chances are you would have your backs to one another.

“Now we’ve brought the table a bit further out, and we’ve got some custom-fitted furniture which makes everything work much more fluidly and easily with easy, clear access to the guests.

“And, best of all, you can actually look face-to-face with someone you’re actually talking to which naturally ends up with a more natural conversation and, in the end, better radio content, which we are always aiming for at DemonFM.

“DemonFM will now broadcast exclusively from the radio control room, freeing up more space for teaching and learning modules.”

The new studio will now ensure that DemonFM broadcast from some of the best facilities in the region.

“The new studios are definitely industry standard, and to some extent even beyond that,” Mike continued.

“We had [BBC Sound of 2017 nominee] Tom Grennan in for a live session last month, and his tour manager was thoroughly impressed. He said our studios are now better than studios they’ve seen at commercial radio stations which is quite impressive, really.

“To be that up-to-date is absolutely brilliant, and I’d like to express our thanks to the Faculty of Technology for their support.”

And Mike was most impressed with the effect the new facilities have had on the output from the radio station, which holds an Ofcom community licence – meaning it broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“I think most of all, what it has done is add some energy to the presenters and the producers,” he explained. “There is a lot of excitement in being around the new studio now that it has been fitted and as a result we’re going to see a lot of exciting and dynamic content coming out of it.”

DemonFM's Head of Programming, Ollie McGrath, has sung the praises of studio's all-new and up-to-date equipment.

Ollie McGrath, Head of Programming at DemonFM, said: “The new studio is nice and shiny!

“Everything is purpose-designed and it is the same calibre as, say, Capital or the BBC will have.

“[We’re] even closer to the industry now. I have already seen the difference in the content I have heard, and I think it is also going to give us more opportunities, too.

“There has to be a massive thank you to [community member] Aaron Horn and [Demon Media - Head of Audio and Tech] Ryan Cooper who have been spending all of their spare time constantly in the studio just to get it finished.”

You can find out more about Demon Media, including how you can get involved, on their page here, with more information on DemonFM, DemonTV and The Demon.



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