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Demon TV produces a variety of videos and shows; from bi-weekly news, showcasing the latest gigs and sporting events around Leicester to fictional shorts! Our team of producers and editors work together with the wider membership on content they’re passionate about, all with the aim of keeping the students entertained and informed, there’s definitely something for everyone.

The talent however doesn’t stop there, not only do we make great pre-recorded content but we pride ourselves on our live streams. So if there is ever an event on campus you can’t get to, we’ll make sure you don’t miss it!

We often pair up with DemonFM and The Demon Magazine for campaigns such as our Road Safety Campaign and Amazon Giveaway. Not forgetting our annual RAG (Raise and Give) event where we work together in order to raise money for two amazing charities!

We’re a student ran station and there isn’t anything we are afraid of trying to tackle. So get involved by watching and sharing or joining our membership!

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