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Welcome to DMU Scuba!

Have you ever thought to yourself 'Damn I wish I could take a selfie with Nemo?' Have you always wanted to learn a new skill that will last for life? Do you want a sports team that is capable of drinking like a fish but is also capable of going with the flow?

If the answer is yes then why don't you join DMU Scuba, DMU’s Scuba Diving and Snorkelling Sports Society! The main focus of our club is Scuba Diving and we accept both qualified BSAC and PADI divers. If you are new to SCUBA Diving, we also are offering 2-3 courses during the academic year so that members can qualify for the first time to dive a minimum of 18m.  We also have links with Stoney cove which offer discounted dive courses which allows those who already have their open water to move up the diving qualification levels.

Unlike alot of sports clubs at DMU, we don't have trials. The only requirement is that you must be able to swim 200m without stopping and can tread water for 10 minutes before you start your dive course. Don't worry if this sounds slightly daunting, we are currently looking to book a couple of sessions in the pool  before the first course so that you can have a couple of practice runs before your actual swim test. If you can't swim  or don't like the idea of being submerged several meters under water, then we'd still love to invite you to the social events - as shown at the bottom of this page!

 You may think Leicester is the least likely place to dive, but luckily we’re about 20 mins away from one of the UK Hotspots: Stoney Cove, which is a flooded quarry with depths past 30 metres, along with various wrecks, submerged structures and training platforms to keep you entertained at whichever depth you are qualified/qualifying too. We work closely with Stoney Cove to give our club members the best prices and enjoy their time in the water there. 

As a club, we are planning on one dive exped a month, varying the dive sites up and down the UK so that members gain the relevant experience in preparation for our tour at the end of the year. If you want a sneak peak of the antics we got up to last tour when we went to Lanzarote, have a cheeky gander at the Vlog below.


This year we will also be attending the DIVE show at Birmingham NEC on October 21st-22nd, there is a link posted on our facebook that you can follow below and there you can find discounts on gear, dive holidays and all other diving related matters.

Socials will be on every Tuesday, starting at Soar Point just off campus before moving to the Locker Room on Belvoir Street. These socials will be inclusive for both drinkers and non-drinkers of the alcohol as the club works on a "welcome-all" policy whether you like a pint of coke, beer or a cocktail. our social nights include pizza and film nights, trips to lazer tag and nice meals out. The club has deals with drink deals with Soar Point and the Locker Room allows us to compete in inter-club table tennis and pool tournaments - which as we found on last year's Lanzarote Tour, we had enough members to do a "glasses vs non-glasses" competition which was very fun and we like to not take ourselves too seriously! We hope these events allow for the opportunity to socialise, gain new experience and build friendships within our club and those we do joint socials with because we are, above all else, a friendly society.

For RAG (Raising and Giving) Week this year, we are hoping to donate our time as a club to help Dive Ability which is a charity who cater for people with disabilities to experience the joys of diving. We also are looking to do a variety of fundraising ventures throughout the academic year as well so even if you aren't qualified, you are still able to help a worthy cause.

So if you fancy spending some time away from the course books with a small friendly society then come and give us a big wave hello and join our Facebook group for more information.

We hope to see you soon!





Credit for the photos: Charlotte Pearson and Lora Abbott. Credit for the bottom images: Kieran Bond. Credit for travel Vlog: Irum Bashir.


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