Our top tips to writing your manifesto

Our top tips to writing your manifesto

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Our top tips and tricks for writing your manifesto

Nominations for the DSU Officer Team 2021/2022 are now OPEN and if you think you can spark the change, it’s time to start thinking about writing your manifesto. 


You can learn more about how to nominate yourself in the Elections here.


Students often struggle to decide what to include in their manifestos, so we gathered a list of tips for you to write the best possible manifesto! 


Research your role 

Make sure you know what you are signing up for and what will be expected from you. 


Let students know who you are 

Students will want to know who their representatives are so make sure you include your name and your course. 


Keep it snappy

You get a maximum limit of 300 words, use them wisely. Aim at an informative and short piece of writing because, remember, students are busy. 


Mention your previous experience

Einstein once said “the only source of knowledge is experience” so don't forget to mention how previous experiences would help you in the role you are applying for. 


Set realistic goals 

It is easy to overpromise and underdeliver so make sure your targets are achievable. 


Keep things positive 

Use the words to explain why students should vote for YOU, rather than why they should not vote for other candidates. 


Go beyond your course 

Think about how you could impact the whole student body if you were elected and include it in your manifesto! 


Proof, proof, proof!

Proof-read your manifesto as many times as you need to make sure there are no smaller mistakes (such as spelling errors) as they can make you look less professional. 


Ask for another opinion

Ask your friends for help! It can be very helpful to ask them to give you some valuable feedback you can take on board! 


Paint a picture

Inspire your voters and paint them a word-picture of what to expect when you are elected. 



Now you should be ready to write a top-notch manifesto – good luck!  If you have any further queries or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Voice team at voice@dmu.ac.uk . 


Nominations close on Monday February 15, at 11:59pm 


Don’t get stuck on mute, spark the change. Nominate yourself here




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