DSU Officer Success Stories | Mollie Footitt

DSU Officer Success Stories | Mollie Footitt

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Mollie Footitt: Deputy President Education 2017-2019 Success Story

Becoming part of our Officer Team at De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU) is a rewarding experience that we encourage you to get involved in.  

Nominations for our annual Officer Elections are now open, this is your chance to have your voice heard and spark the chance. You can learn more about how to nominate yourself here. 

We have been in touch with some of our past Officers to see what they enjoyed most about their time representing you and how their experience benefited them in their career endeavors. 

Mollie Footitt was the DSU Deputy President Education from 2017 – 2019. The structure of the Officer team has changed slightly since then, you can find out more about the new roles and what they do here. 


Mollie Footitt - Deputy President Education Results Night

Mollie’s achievements as an Officer 

When asked about her achievements during her time in post, Mollie says “I feel as if I achieved so much while in post, from both a personal and professional standpoint.” 

Celebrating 2 years as Deputy President Education, Mollie has a lot to shout about. She was a key part in the work of re-writing the constitution to ensure that DSU worked better for current students. We wouldn’t be the DSU we are today without Mollie’s hard work and input! 

Our Officers go through big personal development too, Mollie is proud of how much she grew in confidence during her years of being an Officer. She says that "I went from not wanting to answer questions in lectures to being able to talk to crowds, have my face on the Vijay Patel TV Screen and organize mass events!” 


Mollie Footitt - Deputy President Education Campaigning

How has being an Officer benefitted Mollie now? 

We love staying connected with our Officers after they have left us at DSU. Mollie has done very well for herself, just having accepted a job at another University. Proudly, Mollie was offered the job above two other candidates because of her time as an Officer and how well she knew the university structure. 

Molly says “You are given a lot of responsibility and thrown into situations that other people don’t experience until years into their career. It gives you a real insight into the working world which I’m grateful for.” 


The fun parts 

Of course, being an Officer isn’t always so serious – there is definitely a fun side to the job! Mollie’s most memorable moment was shoving 20+ blueberries in her mouth during Penni’s (DSU’s Chief Executive Officer) first meeting with the team! 

Let’s hope Mollie doesn’t read this as that was supposed to be kept a secret... 

The opportunities available to you through being part of the Officer team are incredible. Mollie’s serious answer to what her most memorable moment was is the trip she took to New York with over 50 students: 

“My most memorable moment would be taking 50+ students across the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, it was very chilly but a super fun evening – something I would have never experience if I weren’t an Officer!” 

Mollie Footitt - Deputy President Education New York Trip

So, you’re liking the sound of being an Officer? 

Mollie has some great advice for you if you’re considering nominating yourself in this year's Elections: 

Go for it! There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing someone do the job you wish you had put yourself out for.” 

“Having your voice heard can come through in so many ways but working at DSU and being an Officer is probably the most exciting ways of all!” 


Our Officer team are made up of five full-time Executive Officers and seven part-time Liberation Representation Officers. You can find out more about each of the role here

Don’t get stuck on mute. Spark the chance by nominating yourself here


Nominations for the DSU Officer Elections 2021 are open now and close on Monday 15 February at 11:59pm.