DSU Officer Team: A role break down

DSU Officer Team: A role break down

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An Officer role breakdown

During the elections students vote to elect five Executive Officers and seven part-time Liberation Representatives. The Executives and Liberation Representatives make up the DSU Officer Team and cover all aspects of university life.

The five full-time Executive Officers are a paid positions, and the seven DSU part-time Representatives are voluntary positions. Both are supported by the students’ union to improve and enhance the student journey.

Before having a look at the roles, make sure you watch ‘A Day in the Life of a DSU Executive’ to get an idea as to what you’d be doing if you took on a full-time Executive role.

Student Opportunities and Engagement Executive

Your Student Opportunities and Engagement Executive has a variety of responsibilities. From being the students’ union’s main representative when working with British University and Colleges Sports (BUCS); to being involved in the promotion, support and development of societies; and working alongside the Activities department in order to take responsibility for liaising with and co-ordinating society leaders and officeholders.

Find out more about this role here.


Union Development Executive

The Union Development Executive looks at and manages the development of your students’ union. They also act as the Union’s spokesperson to key stakeholders such as DMU and NUS.  The Union Development Executive will also be the lead representative for promoting the Union and raising awareness of DSU’s services within DMU.

Find out more about this role here.


Equality and Diversity Executive

Your Equality and Diversity Executive acts as the main representative on equality and diversity issues to the University, while embedding a diverse programme of activities and opportunities for students to be involved with, including developing a programme of non-alcoholic social activities during Freshers and throughout the year.

Find out more about this role here.


Welfare Executive

The Welfare Executive is responsible for the development, implementation and revision of the welfare strategy within the Union, focusing on housing, sexual health and mental health. They work closely with the University and relevant partners to ensure student safety on campus.

Find out more about this role here.


Academic Executive

Your Academic Executive will be responsible for the development, implementation and revision of academic strategy within the Union and DMU. They will also have strategic responsibility for Course Representatives.

Find out more about this role here.


Part-Time Representatives

As well as the five full-time Executives, seven part-time Liberations Officers help to represent the Union and our students in many different areas. Your part-time Liberation Officers represent a variety of students to ensure that everybody is correctly represented across campus. Each representative will get the change to lead many programs and campaigns to help make the Union as inclusive as possible.

The current positions are BAME Representative, Disabled Students’ Representative, International Students’ Representative, LGBTQ+ Representative, Mature Students’ Representative, Postgraduate Students’ Representative and Women’s Representative.

You can find out more about our part-time Liberations Officers here




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