Officer Team react to DMU Replay million milestone

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De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU)’s Officer Team have reacted positively to the news that De Montfort University (DMU) Replay has reached more than one million views.

The system – launched in 2016 – gives students access to ‘recorded audio visual content’ from lectures and other sessions, and reached a major milestone last week when the number of views climbed to more than one million.

Mollie Footitt, DP Education at DSU, said: “That’s a lot of views! My maths is terrible so I can’t work out how many [views] that is on average per student – but it’s certainly a lot!

“DMU Replay is great for all types of students, in particular those that have certain accessibility needs or if English isn’t their first language.

“It can also be useful if you miss a lecture, and is a really good idea to make sure that you’ve covered all of the content in your lectures to develop your learning.”

Mollie utilised DMU Replay during the final year of her Psychology degree, and said the service was invaluable.

“When I was on a #DMUglobal trip in New York, I missed some of my cognitive neuropsychology lectures,” she continued. “I used DMU Replay to catch up on the sessions and then later spoke to my tutor about a couple of things I wasn’t sure about.

“It was a great way of keeping track with my learning and made sure I didn’t miss and vital information for my exams.

“This milestone just goes to show how students find it useful to develop their learning, as I did.”

Some of those one million views came from our Course Rep Training – delivered by in-house experts from both the students’ union and university – which was published on DMU Replay for the first time earlier this year.

Mollie used DMU Replay during the final year of her Psychology degree at DMU.

DMU Replay is part of a wider initiative – run by the university and supported by DSU – called Universal Design for Learning (UDL), which aims to provide all students with a wider variety of ways to engage with their learning and teaching experience and helps support lecturers in addressing the different learning styles of individual students wherever possible.

Professor Jackie Labbe, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic) for DMU, said: “DMU Replay trailblazed effective and accessible recorded lecture content.

“Our staff work hard to deliver the best possible learning experiences and this milestone reflects how eager our students are to make full use of their tutors' knowledge and expertise.”

Dr Abigail Moriarty, Director of Learning and Teaching at DMU, added: “DMU Replay is an integral part of UDL, [and] this allows students from all backgrounds, abilities and talents to achieve their potential while studying at DMU.

“This significant milestone of over a million student views on DMU Replay is a fantastic credit to all the staff who have  supported this successful development.”

DMU Replay gives students access to ‘recorded audio visual content’ from lectures and other sessions at the university.



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