Discuss DSU makes digital debut

A wannabe broadcaster has chosen DSU’s Elections as the basis for a new TV show.

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A wannabe broadcaster has chosen De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU)’s Elections as the basis for a new TV show.

Natasha Macmanard, a third-year Media Production student at De Montfort University (DMU), pulled together a team of her fellow students to help produce topical talk show ‘Discuss DSU’ for her final-year project.

“I [was told I] could create anything as long as it was unique, challenging, and something that will last for the whole academic year,” Natasha explained.

“Discuss DSU is the practical product which is part of my final-year project for my course.

“In my first year, I did not know anything about the student elections or much about the SU at all, so I wanted to change that and I created a television show about the student elections in order to get people more involved with it.”

The show, which took the form of a chat show, featured student host Fenella Thomson plus guests Dan Winney and Augustus Mbanasor to focus on DSU, what the students’ union focuses on, as well as general information about the #LeadYourDSU Elections 2017.

Dan and Augustus faced questions from what their roles are to the effect of Brexit on international students at DMU.

“I have an interest in politics but I never debate with people,” Natasha continued. “I work on set for BBC One’s ‘The Big Question’s which is a religious, ethical and moral debate show, and this took a huge influence on how I wanted to style my show.

“When putting together a live television show, I kept the preparation of The Big Questions in mind to ensure I can relate to the professional environment. 

“The team was a small team, with around eight people working on cameras, sound, lighting, and in the gallery. A highlight was to see it all happen when we were live, and it was great to see the conversation and discussion go so well when filming!

“It was also great to see Dan and Augustus enjoy it so much.”

The show was broadcast live from the Queens Building at DMU and streamed to the Campus Centre on Friday 10 February.

Student host Fenella Thomson grilled Augustus and Dan on a number of topics.

Dan and Augustus faced questions about what the Officer Team do on a day-to-day basis, and what it means to run in DSU’s annual Elections. They also explained what the UK’s exit from the European Union could mean for international students at DMU.

Natasha said: “Dan and Augustus were amazing, I really loved seeing them enjoy themselves on set and they seemed comfortable when answering the questions.

“Dan told me that he would love to continue the show after I have completed my course to make the most of its concept and maybe to work with Demon Media to make it a regular thing.

“I think this will be great for both the university and the SU to help improve the [number of] votes and awareness of the student elections!”

Dan Winney, President of DSU, said: “I really enjoyed the experience of discussing the Elections and promoting why DMU students should run.

“I think Discuss DSU was a big factor in why we have just broken our record for the number of candidates putting themselves forward to lead their union.

“I am really pleased that Natasha chose this subject as part of her final-year project as it is a very important part of our union calendar.”

You can find out more about the #LeadYourDSU Elections here.

The show was broadcast live from the Queens Building at DMU and streamed to the Campus Centre.