An Update from Joanna | 04/02/2021

An Update from Joanna | 04/02/2021

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An Update from Joanna | 04/02/2021

Words By Joanna Dine-Hart

Let's not talk about it 

Happy February everybody! I cannot believe a month has passed already. Looking at the updates from the Executives this year I’d like to take a moment and not talk about ‘that shall not be named’. You’ve heard a lot about the pandemic and how this year has been hard and so much is focused on this topic right now. I can vouch that we have been trying so hard to fight for rent, safety nets, wellbeing and so much more. But honestly? I’m fed up with talking about the pandemic and what it’s taken from us and as much as I love talking about what I’ve been doing for you, I think you all need a break. (You can always check out Instagram for all the exciting things I have been doing). 

So, I would like to challenge you to think about what good ‘that shall not be named’ has done for you. I know, I know - how could I ask such a thing during this time. Knowing nothing good may have happened and I understand that but try and turn this situation on its head for a second.  

We’ve been stuck at home, away from family, not being able to do our normal activities and probably spending more time talking to ourselves than other people (or is that just me?). 

Instead of thinking of what has been taken, what we are missing think about this: 

While at home you might have found new ways to work, learnt new skills and faced new challenges that will only prepare you more for the world.  

You may not see them physically but maybe you found a new love and respect for your family or connected with people you haven’t spoken to in years. Think about how much you appreciate those people who stuck by you through this and those who might have come out of the woodwork to support you.  

So, you can’t go to the pub, or gym or a friend's house? Instead, you found a new hobby, joined a different club or spent time with people you live with and bonded more than you would have.  

All that time you might be with yourself. That’s time we never would have gotten, time we may never get again. One day life will get in the way again so cherish this time and think about how much you have learnt about yourself and those around you.  

I know right now isn’t fun for anybody! But take all those negatives and challenge yourself to make them a positive. Why not take this time to send me an email or message on Instagram about something positive that has happened in the last year? Also think about what else we, you and everyone else could be doing to make the most of this time.  

And lastly... please know I’m only a message away if you need a chat, advice or a friend.