600 not out for our Course Reps (at the very least)

Our Course Reps have logged a massive 600 hours of volunteering this year – at the very least.

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De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU)’s Course Reps have logged a massive 600 hours of volunteering this year – at the very least.

The total figure, recorded by some of the hundreds of students who academically represent you at De Montfort University (DMU), will also be included on all Course Reps’ HEAR Reports – a record of your employability that you’ll receive when you graduate.

David Lewis, Student Voice Manager at DSU, said: “This figure is impressive because we know it’s not ‘just’ 600 hours; it’s in addition to the countless other hours of Course Reps speaking to their fellow students, which is something that you can’t quantify.

“This validates the fact that the system really works. Not only through the stories we have heard and the wins that students have had, but also the number of Course Reps who step up to become School Rep Coordinators (SRCs).”

Course Reps are the vital link between students and their lecturers, and are responsible for letting academics know about the key issues that students face.

Augustus Mbanasor, DP Education at DSU, oversees the Course Rep system and plays a key role in academically representing you at DMU.

Kelly Davies, who was named as Course Rep of the Month for February 2017 earlier this year, and recently elected as DSU’s new Postgraduate Students’ Representative, explained: “It doesn’t matter if you’re a mature student from Wales, or a foundation student from China – if you are passionate about making your course great, then you should be a Course Rep.

“It’s all about making sure things are getting better and better all the time, and that the students on your course have the best possible access to education.”

Course Reps register wins on issues from marking, to facilities and even access to #DMUglobal trips through gathering opinions from their course mates and feeding back to academic staff.

David continued: “Where we are now with the relationship between Course Reps and course leaders is a really good place, and just goes to show that this is such a crucial way of improving things at the university.

“The improvement shows that university staff are becoming more and more engaged with Course Reps and they are finding the student voice as useful as ever.

“DMU are striving for more and more co-creation between staff and students and this is such an important bridge towards that.”

Maheen Saif and Nizamuddin Patel have also been recognised as Course Rep of the Month during 2016/17.