Ready, Steady, Raise!

RAG 19/20 is about to begin but we need your help to chose which charities we're going to be fundraising for. We looking for dedicated people to join our committee to help us host fundraising events.

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 What is RAG?

RAG stands for Raising and Giving. It is all about giving students the opportunity to push their selves to raise money for charity.  These opportunities can vary from small bake sales all the way to running large fund-raising events. The RAG committee at DSU gives students the support and ability to raise money while also having an amazing time. Every year DSU students raise thousands of pounds for their chosen charities.

The Committee Members for the RAG Society are;

  • Kimia Garashasbi
  • Scott Howarth
  • Joe Knowles
  • Ellie Dean-Foster

What charities are we raising money for?

Well that’s up to you, the poll is now live here

The RAG committee has shortlisted 7 different charities that you can choose from.  The 3 charities with the highest number of votes will be selected as RAG charities for the academic year 2019/20. 

The 7 shortlisted charities are...

  1. TwentyTwenty
  2. YHA, England and Wales 
  3. Woodside Animal Centre, RSPCA Leicestershire
  4. VISTA
  5. CLIC Sargent
  6. One Roof Leicester
  7. Samaritans Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland

How to get involved?

Anyone can be involved with RAG and best of all there are no membership fees! We’re looking for a team of students to become RAG members to help shape Raise and Give 19/20 and to push the amazing activities you’re going to be putting on. If you are interested, make sure you fill out the form here.

Want your Society to be part of RAG?

Every year student groups fundraise for the causes their members feel passionate about and this year we want to celebrate their achievements! Track your fundraising achievements and let us shout about your student group by filling in this form here

Demon Media won Fundraising Society of the Year at the DSU Celebrates Awards



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