DSU Freshers Week voted top 4 in UK

De Montfort Students' Union voted number 4 in the UK for Freshers Week!

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De Montfort Students Union (DSU) has been voted #4 in the country for our legendary Freshers Week.

According to student reviews on Student Hut, DSU has scored top of the ranks for move-in experience, social life and value for money.

DMU students have written about their personal experiences during Freshers, as well as all their tips for future DMU students - which you can read here.

One international student said: ‘Freshers week was one of the most amazing memories of my life, where I made many new friends’.

Another student reviewee, Eleanor Johnson, said: ‘I loved the location of the societies and Freshers Fair event – it really gave the opportunity to look at everything!’

Many students were impressed with the variety of events on offer during Fresher Week, as well as the freebies at Freshers Fair!

A common theme throughout the reviews was how impressed students were with the smoothness of the move-in experience, particularly for international students. 

DSU Freshers Week is a highlight of the academic year and we're excitedly planning Freshers 2019!

Derrick Mensah, Vice President Student Activities said: 'It gives me great joy that we are ranked in the top 5 in the country. We aim to help students settle in and take the pressure off.'

He continued: 'At DSU, we work in partnership with DMU during our freshers week to ensures the there is a wide range of activities available. Our staff work extremely hard also throughout, so they deserve praise for this achievement.

'We are always looking at how to improve, so now that we know our freshers is one of the best, we will aim to make the next freshers THE best.'

Freshers Week is always the busy week of the year and we're so proud that DMU students enjoy the array of events. We hope to see you all at Freshers 2019!