More free days between exams after DSU lobbying

80% of students at DMU will have two clear days between exams this year thanks to lobbying from our Officer Team.

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80% of students at De Montfort University (DMU) will have two clear days between exams this year thanks to lobbying from De Montfort Students’ Union (DSU)’s Officer Team.

Augustus Mbanasor, DP Education at DSU, was inundated with comments from Course Reps, School Rep Coordinators and other students when the original exam timetable was released late last month – but has worked together with the university’s Timetabling Working Group to ensure that students will have more time to prepare between exams.

80% of students will now have two clear days between exams, with 90% of students having at least one day.

Augustus said: “There have been a lot of students that have come forward via Course Reps and School Rep Coordinators through the structures that we have, and they were telling us that their exam timetables weren’t in the best interests of students.

“They told us that having exams on consecutive days was a problem and didn’t give students enough time to be able to revise for the next exam, and it perhaps wasn’t the best way to facilitate exams from a wellbeing point of view in making sure people are happy and healthy during exam season.”

Augustus took his findings forward to DMU’s Director of Teaching and Learning Abigail Moriarty, Head of Timetabling Paul Foster, Examinations and Awards Manager Hayley Durham, who managed to extend exam season to allow greater time between individual tests.

“Now, 80% of students will now have two clear days between exams and 90% of students have at least one day between each exam,” Augustus explained.

“I think it goes to show that the student voice works once people come out and express their concerns and is a really powerful thing. This is a massive win.”

Augustus sits on the university's Timetabling Working Group, new for the current academic year.

The news comes after the Officer Team’s #DeStressU campaign, led by VP Welfare and Community Keira Rounsley, concentrated on mental health and the positive wellbeing of students at DMU.

Augustus continued: “This is definitely an example of the university really showing that they care about students and are working within students’ best interests.

“That’s what we are here for as officers; to act as a bridge between students and the university and other key stakeholders.

“I’d like to say a massive thank you to Deputy Vice-Chancellor Andy Collop, who has stuck his neck out for timetabling this year in regards to weekly timetables for students as well as exam timetables.

“He has really gone out of his way to ensure that students are getting the best experience at DMU and that the student experience is top notch, so I’d like to say a massive thank you to him for his work towards and commitment on this.”

The news will take immediate effect to 2017's summer exam timetable.