Augustus is the Deputy President Education at De Montfort Students' Union and a member of the Trustee board.

Currently studying Accounting and Finance Ba at DMU, Augustus has been involved in many aspects of the students' union before his current position including being a Course Rep, a School Representative Coordinator, a Freshers' Rep and MyUniPal Mentor.

His hobbies outside DSU  include video gaming, social networking and going to the gym.

Why did Augustus want to become a Trustee?
"It is not a common role to do at my age and it was a role I wanted to explore and develop key competencies that will make me a lot more employable when I (eventually) finish my degree."

What does he want to achieve as a Trustee?
"I would like to be a part of shaping the way the DSU is run, strategically. I have a genuine attachment to the DSU as they have given me so many opportunities to work on my personal develop. I would like to be a part of every success that the DSU has from the top.

As well as my trustee hat on, I have decided to have three strong focuses this year: 

  • Engaging, recognising and rewarding student representatives for the work that they do and helping students gain the employment they desire through the experience they have developed.

  • Providing more access to student services and raising awareness of them to enhance the student experience.

  • Work to improve consistency within feedback on assessments to better the student experience.