Womens Rep Candidate

I’m Sophie, a first year Journalism and Media Communication student and I would love to be your Women’s Representative here at DSU. Having worked full-time at a Student Union before heading to higher education, I have a great understanding on how to represent students effectively and proactively. I’m part of DMU Saints Cheerleading team, and I’m also a passionate social media activist who raises awareness for mental health, and opens discussions around changing attitudes towards feminism.

Intersectionality - I will represent and provide a voice for all self-identifying women, and celebrate the diversity we have here at DMU. I will work with other liberation groups such as LGBT+, and faith societies to ensure the representation of all women.

Empower and engage students - Increase female participation not only in sport through ‘This Girl Can’, but across the Student Union, and ensuring that all events are inclusive. I’ll hold events such as a ‘Reclaim the Night’ march - a national march against sexual violence, and gender inequality. I will build on this year’s empowering ‘Women in Leadership’ conference.

Form a proactive campaigns committee - I will form a committee, who will work to create effective campaigns that address and raise awareness of subjects such as mental health, alcohol awareness and sexual health. This will ensure that students are aware of the support and facilities they can access at DSU.

Create a sexual health and consent campaign - I will open a dialogue around healthy relationships, working with the University in line with The Mandala Project. I also want to implement sexual consent workshops with sports teams and throughout freshers.

Ensure student safety - I will work to ensure the safety of students around campus supporting the new initiative, Club Crew - where volunteers ensure students have a safe night out.