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Everything you need to know about being a Course Rep...

Training Resources

What does a Course Rep do?
As a Course Rep, you will be expected to regularly consult with peers on your course by asking for their opinions and experiences - good or bad – so that we can work with your lecturers to improve your learning experience.

The information you gain will be fed back to DSU, feedback forums and other meetings you may attend to ensure student’s concerns are heard by the course teams. Course Reps are the grass roots to ensuring that DSU can get all the information it needs to drive positive change and we really value all the work you do whilst you are developing your skills as individuals. 

What are the benefits of being a Course Rep?

Alongside improving the experience of all the other students on your course and representing their academic interests there are plenty of benefits to being a Course Rep.

You gain employability and communication skills through your participation in meetings across the University. You also gain valuable experience in consulting and networking with individuals you may not usually speak to, a vital skill in the workplace.

The hours you gain by volunteering to be a Course Rep also goes towards your HEAR report which appears on your degree once you graduate.

Which meetings might you attend?

  • Programme Management Board (PMB) - These are formal meetings for you to discuss best practice within your course, but also a space for you to raise any major issues you or any of your peers are currently having with the course.
  • Staff and Student Consulting Committee - A more informal version of the PMB for you to raise smaller issues that can be sorted rather quickly to result in wins for students.
  • Feedback Forums/Student Voice Committees - Open forums for students and Course Reps to attend to raise issues they have heard about their course. There will also be questions you might want to raise about issues we know will be coming up in the future, DSU is here to help you with this area.
  • One to One meetings with Heads of School and programme leaders – These meetings can be arranged as and when they are needed by emailing the relevant member of staff. 

Other Responsibilities

DSU might ask you to help us gather data on current issues within your Faculty so that we can raise concerns at the highest levels within the University if needed. At the end of each academic year DSU will produce a report for the University’s Executive Board which highlights key issues raised by students and recommendations for ways to address these issues and improve the student experience.

You will also be expected to attend training and development events which will take place throughout the academic year.

Who do I go to when I have a question?
If you have any issues or questions contact the Voice Team at DSU via or you can reach out to our Academic Executive, Laura Flowers.