Faculty Challenge

Thursday 1 February, 6-9pm, The Venue@DMU

The Faculty Championships, new for 2018, are a series of different competitions between the four faculties at DMU, plus partner colleges and university staff – and we think it’ll be a highlight of your time at university!

The first event – The Faculty Challenge – will be a game-show style event hosted by Derrick Mensah, DSU Vice President Student Activities.

“We have a range of activities for every kind of person,” Derrick explains. “It doesn’t matter what you like, you can get involved in everything we are doing.

“You can bring your friends, come together, and if you can’t compete you can watch. Just be there, and you can find something fun for yourself.

Ready to get involved?

Join us and represent your faculty in a fun filled evening of team challenges (click here to see them).  It's just £1 to book your place - and you get a FREE tshirt!  All you need to do is find your faculty in the list below. click Add and go to the checkout (basket).  You can pick the challenges you'd like to put your name forward to complete in.  We'll then let you know which challenge you've been selected for.

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Want to come and watch instead? Buy a spectator ticket below.
(No free tshirt with this one).

Faculty Challenge - Spectator

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Price: £1.00


The Games

Which challenge will you represent your faculty at?

  • Wheel of Words
    Spin the wheel to pick a category, get word, describe the word (without saying it) and get your team mates to guess! Correct answers earn points!  
  • Balloon Relay
    Run, pop the balloon, run back. First team to pop all their balloons wins!
  • Numbers
    Grab and return the bottle to your side of the line without being touched by your opposite number
  • Dodgeball
    Remember the 5 D's of dodgeball: dodgeduckdipdive and dodge and you'll be ace at this one!
  • Not so Hungry Hippos
    Work in pairs to do a wheelbarrow, collect balls and put them in a basket - most balls collected wins!
  • It Takes Two to Eat
    One person sits behind another and uses their hand to use cutlery and feed the first. Fastest and neatest feast eating wins!
  • Surprise Round
    We could tell you - but that would ruin the surprise
  • The BIG Faculty Quiz
    Work in a team and answer questions to win points for your faculty
  • The Challenge
    Complete the obstacle course in the quickest time with your team to win.