Tier 4 students

Do you know you can get free immigration advice from your Students’ Union? Here at DSU Advice, we can help you with Tier 4 immigration queries you have during your time here at De Montfort. 

How we work

DSU Advice gives immigration advice and assistance to current De Montfort University students. We cannot assist individuals who do not fall within this group. This includes prospective students, recent graduates, and relatives of students.  There are some exceptions to this, but in mist cases we will not offer appointments to anyone other than current students.  If in doubt, please enquire at reception or by emailing

We can assist with Tier 4 applications in the UK but not overseas, although we may be able to provide advice on an overseas application in some circumstances. If in doubt, please contact us at before booking an appointment.  We can assist with Doctorate Extension Scheme applications for students sponsored by DMU.  We can assist students with Dependants as long as they are already in the UK and applying at the same time as the student, but we do not offer appointments to Dependants applying separately.  Information is available on Start-Up Visas but appointments will only be offered once an endorsement from DMU has been obtained.  Information is provided about Short Term Study visas but as this cannot be applied for inside the UK we do not offer appointments to deal with queries about this category, and would instead address enquiries by email only.

We will assist students who have lost their biometric residence permit, have an error on their biometric residence permit or have questions about visa requirements such as police registration, changes of circumstances and curtailment.

We provide some online information for students who may be applying for Schengen visas or inviting relatives to visit the UK however we do not offer appointments for these queries as we are not trained to offer advice on these topics.

We do not provide advice on visas for other countries (for example for an overseas work placement).  

We do not provide advice on visas for working in the UK as your main purpose.  However, you may find UKCISA's summary helpful:

We cannot give advice on Asylum applications, human rights or discretionary circumstances or settlement applications such as indefinite leave to remain. . We also cannot give advice on settlement applications for European nationals.

Our advisers are careful to work within their level of competence. If your matter is complicated you may be advised to seek the help of a Solicitor. In this instance we would assist you to find a suitable practitioner.

We are regulated by the OISC (Office of the Immigration Services Commission) but do not need to apply for authorisation to give immigration advice based on exemption by ministerial order. This ministerial order allows us to give immigration advice. However, we do still have to comply with the OISC Code of Standards.

There is no charge for any of our services. 

If you have any complaints about the immigration advice provided to you, you may use the complaints procedure of DSU Advice or you can use the OISC complaints procedure.  

Areas we can help with

New to the UK

Coming to the UK for the first time can be really exciting - here's all the information you need to know to be able to settle in really quickly. 

Tier 4 Student Applications

We can help current students who are applying for an extension of Tier 4 leave in the UK.  This may be due to re-sits, adding a placement, or extending a PhD.   We can give advice on the immigration rules, check your application form and documents, and for students applying in the UK we may be able to take delivery of your returned documents for you and help deal with any queries the UKVI may have about your application.  We cannot assist with overseas applications but UKCISA's website provides a guide and a helpline.

Police Registration

Many students need to register with the Police and we provide information and advice about whether and how to do this.

Biometric Residence Permit Replacements

If you find that your biometric residence permit is lost or stolen, it is very likely that you will need to report this to UKVI and the Police and replace this as soon as possible. We provide a guide to the process so that you can do this yourself.  If you would like help to check the application before you send it, please contact us after you have prepared your application and supporting documents.

Working while studying

If you want to work part time while studying, you first need to make sure you have permission to do so. Your BRP or visa vignette should state what work you are allowed to do.  You must not work more than permitted as this is an offence.  If you think there may be an error, please contact us for advice.  To work in the UK you will need to apply for a National Insurance Number.  If you have a vignette rather than a BRP (Biometric Residence Permit) you may need to apply for a Transfer of Conditions to obtain a BRP.  We can assist you with this.

Work Placements

If you would like to undertake a work placement as part of your course please view our online information as you may not require an appointment.  If you have a query about your eligibility to do a placement, please email us your query as it may be able to be resolved without needing an appointment.  If you have a confirmed placement and need to extend your visa please arrange an appointment, but use our online guide to prepare your application first.  

Working after you finish your course

Many students want to stay in the UK to work after they finish their course. We cannot offer advice or appointments for anything other that the Doctorate Extension Scheme, or Start-Up visas.  For infomation about the various visas available, please see UKCISA's summary.

Travel to other countries

If you want to visit Europe or other countries such as the United States, it’s likely that you will need to apply for a visa before travelling. Information is available from us on how to apply for European Schengen visas and permission to visit other countries.  We do not offer appointments or advice on this topic.

Inviting visitors to the UK

Especially at graduation time but also throughout the year, international students want to invite their family and friends to the UK to visit them. Please se our online guide about the application process but we do not provide advice or appointments for this subject.

Bringing family members to the UK

DSU Advice can only assist with Dependant applications if the Dependants are already in the UK and applying at the same time as the Tier 4 student.  Students may wish to add new Dependants at a later date, and unless they are a baby born in the UK or switching from another category this will usually be an overseas application.  DSU Advice does not offer assistance with overseas applications, but UKCISA can provide information and operates a helpline for students in the event that you have any questions: