Tier 4 Visas

Extending Your Tier 4 Visa


Do you need to extend your Visa? Do you know you can get free advice from the Students' Union on all aspects of extending your visa?

We can check your form and documents, giving you advice on the immigration rules you will need to meet. Please e-mail dsuadvice@dmu.ac.uk or phone 0116 257 6307 requesting an appointment to meet with an adviser.

More information about the student immigration rules (Tier 4) is available at the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) website here and on the UKCISA website here


How to make an application in the UK

Who can apply in the UK?

You can make a visa application from within the UK if at least one of the following points applies to you:

1. You have successfully completed a previous course of study as a Tier 4 student at a university, embedded college or independent school in the UK, and are moving to a higher level qualification, for example Bachelors to Masters

2. You have successfully completed a previous course of study as a Tier 4 student at a university, embedded college or independent school in the UK and are moving to a course of the same level. The new course must be related to your previous course (same subject group, deeper specialisation or connected) or, your previous and new course combined support your career aspirations

3. You have a current visa as a Tier 4 Student

4. You are making a first application to complete an existing course commenced at a Tier 4 sponsor that had its licence revoked

5. You are an enrolled student at De Montfort University and have taken, or will take re-sits/repeat of study

6. You are an enrolled student at De Montfort University and want to complete a placement as part of your degree.

7. You are a PhD student

8. You will work as a Students’ Union Sabbatical Officer or have been a Students’ Union Sabbatical Officer at De Montfort University and need to extend your visa to complete your course

9. You are applying under the Doctorate Extension Scheme, for more information please read  UKCISA for DES

Please note, if there is more than 28 days between the end of your current Tier 4 visa and the beginning of your new course you will not be able to apply in the UK and must return home to make a new Tier 4 visa application.

Students who are in the UK currently and need to switch from a different type of visa to a Tier 4 visa should read the Tier 4 policy to see if the visa they currently hold permits them to switch whilst in the UK.


How to apply?

After receiving your CAS, you should complete and submit the application form on the UK government website.

The ‘date of application’ is the date you submit and pay the application fee online. Your date of application must be before your current visa expires to ensure you do not become an overstayer.

At the end of the online application you will  be given a choice of application fees and processing times - read more on the government website.  You will then be redirected to the Sopra Steria website to book a biometric appointment.  This is an essential part of the application and your application is not valid without completing this step.  Again there may be some additional fees for certain appointments, but there should be free appointments available (you may have to log in a few times to try to book one as soon as new appointments are released).

Non-premium appointments

When you have submitted your application online, you will be directed to the UKVCAS website where you will be asked to set up an account and log-in to arrange an appointment with a local document checking centre. You have choice  of what type of appointment you want. You can have a free of charge appointment where you scan your documents and upload them prior to your appointment (which can be done at DSU advice). You then take your passport and biometric letter with you and you have your biometrics taken. You can pay extra to have a document checking appointment, where you scan and upload your own documents and they check you  have have correctly uploaded your documents and that they meet the required quality standards, you will also have your biometrics taken. Or you can pay extra for a document scanning appointment where they scan your documents during your appointment and your biometrics will again be taken.

When you have submitted your online application, you should:

1. Download and print your application checklist

2. Download and print your biometric invite letter; and

3. Take the checklist, biometric invite letter, passport and your supporting documents to your local document checking centre during your allocated appointment time

Your application will take approximately 8 weeks to decide. You should not make arrangements to leave the UK until you receive your new visa. If you leave the UK before your application is decided then your application is at risk of being cancelled.

Premium (in person): when submitting online, you will need to choose an appointment at a Premium Service Centre (the closest to Leicester is Birmingham and Sheffield). At the appointment, the officer will take your biometric information and process your application. You will likely receive a decision the same day, however, the visa itself (issued as a biometric residence permit) will typically be issued and posted to you within 10 days.


Are you a low-risk national?

The list of countries considered low risk by the Home Office are confirmed in Appendix H of the Immigration Rules. Students who are nationals of countries considered low risk do not have to submit certain supporting evidence to us in order to be issued with a CAS, and are not required to include this information in their immigration application. However, the supporting evidence could be requested after your application has been submitted, so you must meet the requirements and be able to provide the evidence if requested to do so.


Important information for all applicants

If you have ever overstayed and/or breached any of the conditions of your immigration permission during a previous stay in the UK, you must disclose this on all applications you submit to the Home Office. Failure to disclose could lead to a lengthy ban, details of which can be found under Part 9 of the Home Office’s Immigration Rules.


Useful links to help you prepare your application

Tier 4 on-line form

Tier 4 Document Checklist

OANDA Currency Converter - Use this link to convert your overseas bank accounts.

ATAS - If you are studying a postgraduate course, use this link to check whether you need to apply for a ATAS certificate. You can also apply using this website too.