Replacement BRP

Biometric Residence Permit Replacements 


Each year, DSU Advice sees many international students who lose their biometric residence permit (BRP). This is expensive and inconvenient!

If you lose your permit, you will by law have to replace this and you will need to pay for a new permit. 

You will not be able to travel back to the UK without your permit, this may delay or even cancel your travel plans. You will also not be able to travel to Europe or the United States until you have replaced your permit.

In addition, you can be fined up to £1,000 and made to leave the UK if you don’t apply for a replacement in time.

To avoid this happening to you, keep your permit safe!

You do not need to carry your biometric residence permit with you at all times, there is no law in the UK which requires you to do this and therefore the best place your permit can be is alongside your passport at home in a safe place.

If you need your permit for identification, think about the other types of identification you have available to you like your student or NUS Extra card.

Replacing your Biometric Residence Permit in the UK

If you have lost your biometric residence permit, you should first try to retrace your steps by going back to the last place you remember having this. If you think you may have lost it in a taxi or a bus, ring or visit the company to ask if the permit has been handed in. Also check with DMU Security who handle lost property on campus. Do this quickly. 

If you really can’t find it or your permit has been stolen, you should inform UKVI and apply for a replacement.

If the document is just lost there is no need to report it to the Police, however if you know it has been stolen you can report the crime to the Police, but you have to go to a police station to do this - it cannot be done online.  Alternatively you can report this by telephoning 101, or by seeing the campus police officer based in the Gateway Building. You will then receive a crime reference number.

You must also report the lost document to UKVI but this is now done when you submit your application for a replacement. 

If you have more than three months’ left on your student visa, you MUST apply for a replacement. It is not required if there is less than 3 months remaining until you leave the UK.

You must apply for a new BRP using this online form

You will need the following documents

  • Your passport (unless your stolen / lost BRP was issued within the last 2 years and you are applying for a like for like replacement)

  • Police Registration Certificate (if you have one)

  • Lost/Stolen Property Report from the Police (if you have one)

  • One identification document showing your name and address e.g. Bank statement, Gas, Electricity or some other bill, Enrolment letter from DMU

Biometric Residence Permit lost or stolen overseas 

If you lose your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) overseas, there is a duty to report the loss. Even if you are not planning to return to the UK during the period of visa covered by the lost BRP, or you plan to return to the UK under a different immigration category, you must still report the loss/theft.

You must report your BRP loss to UKVI  

It will be extremely difficult to return to the UK without a BRP so if you need to  return to the UK, you must apply for a single entry visa 

More information about this is available through the following UKCISA webpage

Once you have used the single-entry visa to replace the BRP to enter the UK, you will need to apply within 1 month of your return to the UK for a replacement BRP (see above).