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Interested in Karting? Want to experience the thrill of racing?

These are the fastest arrive & drive karts in the UK!!!

Join DMU Karting to compete against universities from across the U.K. in the BUKC Championship. The BUKC Championship involves racing at some of the best tracks and against some of the best drivers in the country.

However, if you have never tried a kart before or just want to have a more social experience, then come along to one of our events in the De Montfort Karting Championship (DKC). We race at local karting circuits throughout the year! These races cost £30-£50 per person depending on the track/ karts used. This is a competitive and friendly environment which is suitable for all abilities. All are welcome to join! 

Provisional 2021/22 Calendar:

Taster - 14 October 2021 @ Teamsport Leicester

Round 1 - 24th November 2021 @ Sutton

Round 2 - 16th December 2021 @ Stretton

Round 3 - 2nd February 2022 @ Formula Fast

Round 4 - 23rd February 2022 @ Nottingham Raceway

Round 5 - 23rd March 2022 @ Simply Race

If you aren’t into racing but love cars, you can also join us on our social days to hang out with the team! There will be lots of opportunities throughout the year to attend many different events with the society.


Now on to the BUKC Championship!!! 


The karts used in the BUKC are simply the finest fleet of “arrive-and-drive” karts in the UK. They are nothing like the normal indoor or outdoor karts that many are used to.

This is a proper racing fleet which can accelerate from 5 to 60mph in 4.5 seconds and can achieve a top speed of 70mph. If you have never been in a “2-stroke” kart before, you’ll never forget your first time!


If you haven't ever been in a 2-stroke kart, the karts used in the BUKC are unlike anything you have ever been on. The test days provides with the perfect opportunity to get to grips with the Club100 karts.

As such, every new driver racing in the BUKC must attend at least one of the test days prior to competing in the BUKC. In this way, the driver can obtain what they call the BUKC driver license. If a driver does not attend a test day they will not be granted the license, meaning that they will not be able to race in the Championship.

The test days are also the place to practice driver changes and teamwork.

The 2021/22 test days are currently:

·         Test Day 1:  20th October @ Whilton Mill (Experienced)

·         Test Day 2:  5th November @ Bayford Meadows (Rookies)


Each team consists of 4 drivers. This year we have two teams, (Team A and Team B). Team A consists of more experienced and skilled drivers and Team B of less experienced but still great drivers. 

We compete in the Mains Championship with our A Team and our B Team in the Intermediate Championship

This championship consists of a more competitive championship, where the most skilled drivers and teams compete.

Championships take place with initial qualifiers and then double round race days between the start to the middle of 2022. The calendar is currently:

·        Qualifiers - 20th November @ Whilton Mill Zulu

·        Rounds 1 + 2 - 8/9th February @ Buckmore Park

·        Rounds 3 + 4 - 16/17th February @ PFI

·        Rounds 5 & 6 - 10/11th March @ Shenington

·        Rounds 7 & 8 - 1/2nd April @ Llandow

There is also a 24 Hour event that takes place at Teeside Autodrome in June 2022. This is affiliated with the BUKC, however this does not count towards the championship but is a real test of endurance and teamwork.

The main championship is competitive, fun and all races will be streamed live on YouTube!!! So your mum can see you race and embarrass you in the comments!


Now an established club at DMU, we have as such been nominated and have won awards for our outstanding achievements over the past 4 years. It has been amazing for the University to recognise our success in the BUKC. We plan to build on our previous years success, so expect big things from the Karting club this coming year!

If you've managed to read till this point, I applaud you. If you're still interested in competing in the DKC or BUKC, you can message us over in our Facebook group or message us via email. Join our Facebook group for all the latest updates by clicking the link - 


See you all soon! :) 

DMU Karting 


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