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Seen a new film and have a burning desire to review it? Read a book series that you can’t stop talking about? Or want to get into the world of article writing? Then Tea Break is the society for you. A lifestyle blog, written by students, for students. 

To date, we’ve had such a wide range of articles written for this extremely popular blog regarding Film and TV reviews, music reviews, fashion articles, tips for students, discussion posts and wider culture around the university. And to a view count of nearly 20,000 over the past year!

We’ve created Tea Break DMU as a platform for students interested in journalism, creative writing and media and we love to encourage our writers and creators to think outside the box to come up with new ways to make the content they create stand out from the crowd!

Want to exhibit your photography skills? You can do so on Tea Break with our Creative Corner which exhibits art, photography and creative writing. Want to try vlogging and video editing? Tea Break gives you the platform as well as the support to be around creative driven people like yourself.

Things like these have created items such as our infamous Web Week series!


One of our inspirations for this blog was the extremely popular website Buzzfeed. The most shared and enjoyed content produced by Buzzfeed are the videos and sketches they produce to accompany the wide range of witty and relatable content they feature daily on the site. This is something we wanted to try!

From our very popular Eating Challenges to the hilarious Whisper Challenge, we’ve enjoyed every moment we spent creating the videos and we would love to do more of them!



We even set up charity events, with Tea Break holding its first charity pub music quiz at The Font, which turned out to be such a big success last year. This year, we want to push this even further with more charity events and more activities to help the community.

It has been a fantastic year for us! And now, it’s your turn.

I personally extend my hand to all DMU students in all years to join us for a wonderful and fabulous adventure. Do you have passion to create and produce something amazing? With Tea Break’s platform you can create, write and film. With access to our Wordpress and YouTube, the possibilities are endless.

Starting uni can be a worrying concept, but here at Tea Break we provide a way for students to express themselves in the comfort and security of our society. With links with welfare societies such as the LGBT+ society, we ensure that all members are treated equally.  

We’re a friendly bunch who would love to meet as many of you as possible so bring all your fantastic ideas to Freshers Week and we’ll see you all there!

Charlotte Ann Green
Chief Editor
Molly Owens
Health & Safety
Daniel Joseph Gardiner
Nina Grunau
Gage Kyle Holland
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